General Manager: Hasan YÜCEL

In line with sustainable mining criteria, TÜMAD Mining, which processes the underground wealth of our country and brings it to the country’s economy, plays an essential role in terms of design parameters, monitoring methods, pollution prevention and control, resource efficiency, as well as reducing foreign dependence by creating added value and employment with the activities carried out in İvrindi and Lapseki Gold and Silver Mines, which are among the best examples of the world in the sector. Approximately 540 thousand ounces of gold and 1 million ounces of silver metal were produced from the commissioning of both enterprises until the end of 2021 and brought to the country’s economy.

With the exploration and reserve update activities carried out, the existing reserve for the İvrindi Site increased from 45 million tons to 90 million tons, and the mine life increased until 2041. The adjacent Şahinli Site that belonged to Esan Eczacıbaşı was purchased for the Lapseki operation. The mine life of the Lapseki Mine Site will be extended until the year 2037, with the completion of the environmental impact assessment and capacity increase in the existing facility, and the increase of the current 7 million tons reserve to 16 million tons with additional explorations. In addition to the existing operations, exploration activities (drilling) are carried out in Çanakkale Çan, Doğancılar Project. Furthermore, exploration and activities to implement economically operable large-scale mining projects are held in other fields in Turkey and abroad.

TÜMAD Lapseki Gold and Silver Mine has been the first Turkish Mining operation certified by the United Nations Environment Commission International Cyanide Management Institute by fulfilling the requirements of the International Cyanide Code (ICMC), which is among the most well-established certification programs in the mining sector and observes the safe and environmentally friendly use of cyanide with ‘zero noncompliance’. In addition, the sustainability principles determined by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, especially the components of the Integrated Management Systems and the United Nations Equatorial Principles, are fully fulfilled in all the activities, and continuous improvement is observed.

TÜMAD, which also significantly contributes to social development with its infrastructure, economy, health, and education investments, has put the 16-classroom “Nurettin Çarmıklı Mining Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School” in practice with fully equipped laboratories and classrooms to provide qualified intermediate personnel to the mining sector. Also Havran Seyit Onbaşı Science and Technology Center has been opened to attract the attention of all children and young people to science and technology, to present scientific subjects in an easy-to-understand and fun way, and contribute to the training of future scientists.

Activities that put women and young people at the center of social development primarily provided vocational and on-the-job training opportunities and provided social added value by creating employment areas suitable for the skills gained.

Social Accountability studies, a prestigious certification program that determines work and social life balance and other minimum standards with socially acceptable, transparent practices such as equal employment opportunities and fair treatment policies, which are essential in gender equality, are carried out.

As TÜMAD, our most basic approach in the environment is to minimize the consumption of natural resources and project footprint by preserving the environmental characteristics of our activity areas in the best way possible. Accordingly, it is ensured that waste generation is reduced in terms of resource efficiency and pollution prevention and control, wastes are separated at source and recycled, and similarly, water footprint is minimized in facilities operating with the zero discharge principle.

Lapseki Project

The operations in Lapseki Gold and Silver Mine, which started production in 2017 and executes all its activities following the International Cyanide Code, is the best example in the world in terms of design parameters, monitoring methods, pollution prevention and control, and resource efficiency, are still accomplished from the Kestanelik, Karakovan, S, SBX open pits and underground galleries, with five basic operations: drilling, blasting, excavation-loading, transportation, and ore unloading.

In 2021, a total of 750 thousand tons of ore and 5 million tons of tallow were produced from five open pits, and 255 thousand tons of high-grade gold and silver ore were produced from 6 active production galleries in the underground operation.

Approximately 1 million tons of high-grade ore produced from open and underground pits were processed with 98% efficiency in the process plant with the Tank Leaching method, and a total of 107,524 ounces of gold and 65,039 ounces of silver were produced. A total of 296,045 ounces of gold and 179,975 ounces of silver were produced from the Lapseki Project’s commissioning day until the end of 2021 and brought to the country’s economy.

Ivrindi Project

In the İvrindi Gold and Silver Mine, which started production in the third quarter of 2019, production continues in Kartaldere and Ballık pits with five basic operations: open-pit mining, drilling, blasting, excavation-loading, transportation, and ore unloading.

Approximately 8 million tons of ore were produced in 2021, and approximately 6.9 million tons of ore was laid in the heap leach area by processing in a facility with 1200 tons/ hour capacity, and gold and silver metal were obtained with the ore processed in the processing plant, producing 113,314 ounces of gold and 432,514 ounces of silver. A total of 241,709 ounces of gold and 795,689 ounces of silver metal were produced and brought to the economy from the day the İvrindi Mine was commissioned until the end of 2021.

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