General Manager: Hasan YÜCEL

As TÜMAD, we carry out our operations at the highest standards by creating value with our social, environmental and managerial activities that support our sustainable mining vision, comply with our commitments.

In our Gold Mining Facilities in Çanakkale Lapseki and Balıkesir İvrindi, we continue to provide sustainable values for employees, stakeholders and local communities while processing our country's underground resources and bringing them into the economy. Our businesses are among the best in the world in terms of design parameters, monitoring methods, pollution prevention and control, and resource efficiency.

It has become the preferred company of the mining sector by both the newly started working in the sector and the trained workforce, with its renewed and developing human resources approaches, with the principle that real investment is made in people, and with its dynamic corporate culture. In this direction, by providing 51.31 man/hours of training to its employees in 2022, a workforce that is sensitive to the environment and society, has the behavioral and technical competencies required by the work it carries out, and the right person for the right job, equal pay for equal work, merit based on success and equal opportunity for everyone is ensured. More than 2,000 employees, 70% of whom are local, have been employed in our enterprises, including subcontractors.

The company's employees maintain the criteria of accuracy, responsibility, transparency, respect, mutual trust, honesty, science and objectivity in accordance with the NUROL HOLDING Governance Principles and TÜMAD Ethical Principles Procedure, and there are no reported governance and ethics violations in 2022.

In accordance with the principle of applying and continuously improving the highest environmental, occupational health and safety and community relations in the world, especially the United Nations Equator principles, International Cyanide Code Certificate (ICMC), Information Security Management System ISO 27001, Integrated Management Systems Components ISO 9001 Continuity of full compliance with ISO 14001, ISO 45001 standards continued in all processes. In addition to these documents, the process of adding the Social Accountability Standard SA8000, which is internationally known for the protection of employees' social rights, to the Management Systems started in 2022. With the SA8000 Certificate, TÜMAD will comply with world standards on issues such as the prevention of child labor, forced and compulsory labor, occupational health and safety, freedom of association, collective bargaining, discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours, wages and management systems.

The company plays an important role in reducing foreign dependency as well as closing the current account deficit by creating added value and employment through its activities in İvrindi and Lapseki Gold and Silver Mines. Within the period from the commissioning of both facilities until the end of 2022, approximately 750 thousand ounces of gold and 1.3 million ounces of silver metal has been produced and brought to the national economy.

TÜMAD ranked second among the companies producing in our country with the 217,000 ounces of gold it produced in 2022 and realized 22% of our country's total production in its two facilities.

With the exploration and reserve expansion works carried out, the existing reserve for the İvrindi Facility has increased from 45 million tons to 120 million tons and the mine life has been extended until 2036. With the acquisition of the adjacent Şahinli field belonging to Esan Eczacıbaşı in the İvrindi Facility, the total reserve has exceeded 18 million tons and the mine life has been extended until 2036. Environmental impact assessment studies have been completed, the necessary permit processes are in progress to commission the site for production. In addition, the capacity increase studies at the Lapseki Facility have been completed by 99%, and commissioning studies are ongoing.

Mineral exploration activities with 15,000 meters of drilling in Çanakkale Çan Project and 6,000 meters in Kırşehir Karacaören Project have been completed and resource estimation studies are carried out. TÜMAD Exploration Group carries out exploration activities in other fields in the country and abroad, and studies are carried out to realize large-scale mining projects that will be economically feasible.

Nurettin Çarmıklı Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, which was brought into education life in order to bring the trained human resources needed by our sector to our country, with the awareness that the way of social development and permanent economic development is through education, achieved success in a short time and was declared the 51st R&D Center of our country and became the center of education in Europe and it was the first project funded in the mining field. Our students are trained in avoiding and protecting from the dangers they will encounter in the mines, using a simulation and VR technologies in laboratories equipped with virtual reality fiction.

Havran Science and Technology Center was opened in March 2022, which is the first and only in Balıkesir, Çanakkale, İzmir region, to attract children and young people to science and technology, to present scientific subjects in an easy to understand and entertaining way, and to contribute to the training of future scientists and until the end of the year, it hosted over 10 thousand young people who are interested in science.

Erol Çarmıklı Anatolian High School, equipped with modern classrooms and laboratories, is located just below the Çanakkale 1915 bridge, which is located in the Lapseki district of Çanakkale and connects both sides of the Bosphorus has been completed and brought into education in 2022-2023.

In the light of the basic data obtained in Social Impact Assessment studies, "Fields With Strawberry Scent", "Let the Saplings Become Trees", "Mushroom Cultivation", "Cone Painting", ‘Filigree’, "Work Shirt Sewing", "Computer Literacy", "Feed Plant Cultivation" Programs, which have livelihood improvement plans and projects that will contribute to the economic and social development of the local people have been implemented in 2022.

Periodic environmental measurements and monitoring are carried out by the Environment and Sustainability Departments during production, ensuring compliance with the commitments made to the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change and crediting institutions and the provisions of the applicable regulations are monitored.

Accordingly, in 2022, our enterprises have fully complied with the technical standards applied in processes such as Air-Dust Emissions, Water-Wastewater Quality, Soil Quality, Noise Levels, Biodiversity Conservation, Vibration Levels, as well as the limits in national and international regulations.

In line with the goal of resource efficiency, in order to minimize the consumption of natural resources and the project footprint, projects are produced on the prevention and control of pollution, reducing waste generation, recycling waste by separating it at its source, and similarly, minimizing the water footprint in facilities operating with the principle of zero discharge.

Processes related to the 'zero carbon' target are carried out by starting the transformation processes of inefficient equipment into new technological and efficient equipment by conducting studies on efficiency in facilities.

Lapseki Facility

The operations in Lapseki Gold and Silver Mine, Lapseki Gold and Silver Mine, which is considered the best example of the world in terms of production and environmental technologies and started its operations in 2017, 765 thousand tons of ore and 5 million tons of rust were obtained from the S, SBX open pits in Kestanelik, Karakovan in 2022. In the underground operation, a 1992 meter long main ramp was driven in order to reach 6 active production floors. A depth of 223 meters has been drilled from the surface elevation, and a total of 265 thousand tons of high-grade gold and silver ore was produced from 12.502 meters of clearance.

Approximately 950 thousand tons of high grade ore produced in open and underground quarries was processed with 96% efficiency in the beneficiation facility, where the tank leaching method is applied and a total of 120,867 ounces of gold and 121,599 ounces of silver were produced. From the date of commissioning of the Lapseki Facility until the end of 2022, the total 416,867 ounces of gold and 255,441 ounces of silver metal has been produced and brought to the national economy.

Ivrindi Facility

At the Ivrindi Gold and Silver Mining Facility, which started production in the third quarter of January 2019, production was obtained from the Kartaldere and Ballık open pits. Approximately 8.8 million tons of ore was produced in 2022, and approximately 6.8 million tons of ore fed to the facility with a capacity of 1200 tons/hour, and approximately 6.8 million tons of ore was laid in the heap leach area. By gaining 68.5% efficiency in the enrichment facility, 94,922 ounces of gold and 286,761 ounces of silver metal production has been carried out. From the date of commissioning of the İvrindi Facility until the end of 2022, the total 335,968 ounces of gold and 1,051,161 ounces of silver metal has been produced and brought to the national economy.

Taking into account the social approval in stakeholder Participation processes, in line with the demand of the local people, in a 43-hectare part of the uneconomical rock storage area, which is divided into two parts (North Passage Area) activity has been completed, immediately reintroduced to nature and opened to livestock activities.

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