Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

At Nurol Group of Companies, our fundamental approach is to recognize the well-equipped, dynamic, and creative attributes of our employees, and those who are interested in working with us, and to develop training programs that enhance their effectiveness and success in their current roles while aligning with their aspirations for the future.

With its people-oriented management approach and training programs it offers, our company guides the career paths of its employees by considering their mental abilities, personality traits, self-development levels, and aspirations for advancement within their roles and towards higher positions. Through this approach, we aim to boost employee motivation and foster their loyalty to our company.

Critical appointments are determined based on our employees' business success, performance level, and competency-based evaluations. Through our performance management system and the training programs we offer, we cultivate our employees as potential future management candidates.

At the Nurol Group of Companies, our human resources policy is designed to align with common objectives across our diverse range of companies, operating in various countries and sectors. Our human resources practices are tailored to meet specific sectoral and regional needs.

We prioritize internal recruitment for vacant positions in our Group companies and thus contribute to the career development of our employees.

We create opportunities to set long-term company goals and develop our companies through career management conducted with an impartial and equal opportunity approach. In this way, we meet the self-realization needs of our employees and significantly contribute to employee motivation.

Believing strongly in the necessity of fostering the intellectual and creative capacity essential for our company to continue its operations, we invest in our employees' career goals.