Nurol Holding, with a history of over half a century, sets its targets high, and makes every possible effort to meet those targets, and take the company even further. This is our principle.

While applying a state-of-the-art approach to every sector in which we operate, we also seek to create sustainable conditions for the future.

We are working to better serve our employees, our nation and the world.

To support this approach also in the international arena, we have signed the United Nations Global Compact as a participant.

In line with this commitment, we will strive to undertake improvement projects by carrying out detailed studies into health, education, the environment, energy, working conditions, social equality and innovation.

We will do all of this together with you, our esteemed employees, and stakeholders, as the only way we can build a sound future is by acting together.

This is our greatest responsibility to the future generations.

Board Member
HR & PR Coordinator