General Manager: Selim BAYBAŞ

Nurol Teknoloji is a corporation of Nurol Holding Group of Companies established in 2008 to produce advanced technical ballistic ceramics. Since the day it was founded, it has prioritized research and development, and has made significant progress in product development by developing high temperature sinter furnaces required for in-house production capability. Throughout the years, Nurol Teknoloji have obtained the capacity to supply advanced ballistic armour solutions following the manufacturing of advanced technical ceramics.

In addition to Alumina, Silicon Carbide and Boron Carbide Ceramics, Tungsten Carbide ceramics, which are used for civil commercial purposes fall into Nurol Teknoloji ceramic product portfolio, Nurol Teknoloji produces advanced technology ballistic ceramics and hybrid ballistic protective armour solutions which each allied country in the world and Turkish Security Forces are in need of, under single roof in three production facilities located in Ankara.

Nurol Teknoloji corporation has facility production permits, security clearance documents classified “NATIONAL CONFIDENTIAL” and “NATO CONFIDENTIAL” granted by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Defense and ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 system certificates. Nurol Teknoloji holds 17025 TURKAK accreditation certificates as well, for its two ballistic test laboratories within the scope of international NIJ standards

As the one and only advanced technology ceramic producer of Turkey, Nurol Teknoloji has put Turkey on the map, alongside of a few countries in the world that can produce Boron Carbide ballistic ceramics, thanks to the Boron Carbide manufacturing capabilities developed in-house. Ballistic solutions custom-designed for personal protection, vehicle protection and structural protection needs of its clients are used with full capacity and performance by the security forces in Turkey and various countries throughout the world. Ballistic solutions have been developed on Nurol Teknoloji’s machine park capacity, qualified human resources, quality infrastructure, accredited ballistic laboratories and research and development vision.

Nurol Teknoloji has become a Research and Development Center as of January 2021 within the scope of the law numbered 5746 on supporting research, development and design activities. Nurol Teknoloji R&D Center carries out developing innovative, product-oriented technologies and spreading the R&D and innovation culture inside and outside the company. R&D related activities and capabilities consist of improving engineering and human resources, digital transformation in processes and infrastructure and academic cooperations in terms of quality and quantity.

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