General Manager: Cem SAPMAZ

Nurol Technologies Inc., with it’s most modern and fully automated production facility which is located in Ankara, designing and manufacturing ‘Advanced Technical Materials' regarded as the 21th century’s technology since 2008. Nurol Technologies Inc. is equipped with the necessary infrastructure for the production of nano-technology, and also has facilities used in high technology product in accordance with specifications. Our company, which is the only source of our country and our region, offers products in line with the needs of the sector by developing customized solutions to our customers. Nurol Technologies Inc. serves both local and global markets with almost 100 employees. The  manufacturing site is equipped with the most modern and fully automated equipment, including systems that can sinter and hot press up to 2.400 °C, multiple huge continuous furnaces up to 1.700 °C, vacuum furnaces, reaction bonded systems, autoclave owen, high-tonnage presses and other technological equipment and facilities at every stage of production takes advantage of the latest technology. Also many other machineries together with a fully equipped quality control laboratory for serving our customers for the most advanced, high quality, most economical technical ceramic products.

Nurol Technologies Inc. has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. And also our company has ‘Nato Confidential’ and ‘National Confidential’ Confidentiality Level Facility Security Certificate and Production Permit.

Nurol Technologies Inc. guarantees quality, reliability and high performance of the product within the laboratory equipped with most modern advanced technology. Our laboratory has all required equipment for quality control, product demonstration, technical analysis and research & development activities. Our Ballistical Test Laboratory has became operational in 2011.

Our company aims to increased its share of the sector to meet the needs of the various armor and the local contribution in the defense industry. Hybrid armor systems were originally designed and produced by our company, and we proudly offer to domestic and foreign security forces for their usage. In addition to defence products , Nurol Technologies Inc, is serving successfully for mining sector with its VSI rotor tips and other minning bits. In this contex, our company is planning to  increase its market share of VSI rotor tips and minning bits in 2017 also, which has previously acquired in this sector.

Some of our projects and applications;

• Nurol Technologies apply composite armor to the

• President‘s Residence in Çankaya/ Ankara,

• Meet the armoring needs of Turkish Republic Premiership,

• Meet the needs of ballistic protection personel vests sets for the Turkish Armed Forces’ Special Forces Personnels,

• A project carried out at the Undersecretary of Defense;

• Armoring the national battleship (MILGEM)

• STM- The General Command of Gendarmerie ballistic vests project

• Meet the needs of ballistics protective shields and shilelds sets of Directorate General of Police,

• Meet the needs of ballistics protective vests sets and ballistic plates of Directorate General of Police,

• Sikorsky helicopter pilot cabin floor armoring for the

• Turkish General Directorate of Security,

• Armoring of the General Command of Gendarmerie’s

• Armored Personnel Carriers,

• General Command of Gendarmerie’s sentry-box/cabinet armoring,

• Turkish National Police’s armored security boxes,

• Turkish Land Forces commander, ballistic plates&vests

• Turkish National Intelligence Agency, ballistic vests and shields,

• Republic of Turkey, Turkish International Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), Tunisia, under the project, to ensure the needs of security vehicles and materials,

• Nurol Technologies Inc. is also manufacturing advanced ballistic armors for the locomotive cabines and railway cars of thre Turkish Republic of National Railways,

• State of Libya, Ministry of Security, ballistic under shirt project

• Pakistan, armoring the military vehicle carried out together with H.I.T goverment company.

• Czech Republic, balistic protection vest project.

• Saudi Arabia,ballistic vest project for Land forces,

• İtaly, Larimart ballistic plate-vest project

• Civilian vehicles armoring,

• Nurol Technologies Inc. has designed and produced the “Thermal Vacuum Chamber” in order to perform “Thermal Balance “ and “Thermal Vacuum Cycling, Verification and Reliability ” tests in accordance with the contract signed between Nurol Technologies and TUSAŞ.

Nurol Technologies Inc. through its production capacity, flexible manufacturing ability, raw material options, product diversity and know-how is capable of satisfying different industries

Some of References

• Turkish Republic Presidential Palace

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• Turkish Republic Ministry of İnterior

• Turksh Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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• Turkish Land Forces Commander

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• Turkish Gendarmerie Commander

• General Directorate of Security

• Secretariat of National Intelligence Agency

• Republic of Turkey The National Railways

• Ministry of National Defence ,Undersecretariat for

• Defence Industries. (SSM)

• Defense Technologies Engineering and Trading Co. (STM)

• Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI)

• Aselsan Inc.


• Roketsan Inc.

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• Republic of Finland

• Iraqi Parliament

• Republic of Poland

• Republic of India

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