General Manager: Selim BAYBAŞ

Nurol Technologies Inc. is a defence sector company which was founded in 2008 in the area of powder metallurgy entirely with national resources in order to produce advanced ballistic ceramics to meet the needs of Turkey and the other countries and offer advanced ballistic armor solutions for personnel and vehicle ballistic protection.

Our company which has invested more than one hundred million dollars since its foundation, produces ballistic ceramics produced in a limited number of countries such as Boron Carbide, Silicon Carbide, Alumina, Titanium Diboride and Tungsten Carbide and is the only company in the world that transforms from raw material to final product under one roof. Moreover, it is offering its own design hybrid ballistic solution alternatives by using self-produced ballistic composites.

Nurol Technologies Inc., which provides fast, reliable and cost effective solutions to its customers' demands with its powder metallurgy prescription developed by itself and exports to four continents, produces protective vests and shields which are already in the inventory of all the Turkish security and military forces in addition to ballistic armor systems for air, land and naval platforms.

It also has activities in building armoring, armored guard stations, visor sets, armored container and trailer in structural armoring field. Our company offers totally local advanced ballistic armor solutions without any foreign partner or consultant by only using knowledge and experience of Turkish engineers in its modern production facilities based in Ankara. We operate in three factories all located in Ankara and have Facility Security, NATO Secret, National Secret clearances and 17025 Ballistic Test Laboratory Accreditation.

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