General Manager: Selim BAYBAŞ

Nurol Teknoloji is a member of Nurol Holding Group of Companies, established in 2008 to produce advanced technical ballistic ceramics. Since its establishment, it has given priority to research and development, and has made significant progress in product development studies by developing and producing the high temperature sinter furnaces necessary for the production infrastructure. The journey it has started with advanced technical ceramics in the past years continued with advanced ballistic solutions.

In addition to the production of Alumina, Silicon Carbide and Boron Carbide Ceramics; Tungsten Carbide ceramics, which are used in civilian areas, are listed among the ceramic product range of Nurol Teknoloji. Nurol Teknoloji manufactures advanced technological ballistic ceramics and hybrid ballistic protective armor solutions, which are needed by all friendly and allied countries in the world, particularly by Turkish Security Forces, under a single roof in its production facilities located in Ankara. Nurol Teknoloji, together with its establishment, has "NATIONAL SECRET" and "NATO SECRET" Confidentiality Class Facility Security and Production Permit certificates from the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Türkiye within the scope of the Laws. In addition, it has ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 1800 and AS 9100 quality certificates and 17025 TURKAK accreditation documents within the scope of International NIJ standards for its two Ballistic Test Laboratories in its two facilities.

Along with the Gölbaşı factory, where it produces ballistic ceramics with advanced and modern machinery equipment, within the scope of its new and modern investments in the Kahramankazan factory, it has been purged of non-value-added works, the entire production flow and activity has been planned, and the new generation personnel protection and chest plate production line has been commissioned. Nurol Teknoloji Kahramankazan factory has become the production center for composite and steel-ballistic solutions, platform and personnel protection ballistic solutions and structural armor ballistic solutions with the incorporation of this investment in production. It has established a production line in Kahramankazan factory where the cost of poor quality approaches zero, especially in platform armoring projects.

Since the day it was established; Nurol Teknoloji has continued the production of its products with a continuous development model, which have been qualified in 5 continents and more than 60 countries and have proven themselves in war and different operational conditions. To date, it has produced over 15.000.000 ceramic tiles, 800.000 monolithic ceramic chest plates, 1.000.000 ballistic plates, 500.000 ballistic vests and 15.000 ballistic protective shields. By providing Ballistic Armor Solutions to more than 350 Land, Air and Sea platforms, it protects more than 6000 m² platform surface area. Our Structural Ballistic Solutions products have been serving at more than 2,500 locations at different security checkpoints for years and continue to create safe living spaces for security personnel.

With its increased sales volume by 2022, today it meets approximately 95% of Türkiye's Ballistic Protection needs and proceeds with the leading position in the market. With its domestic Personnel Ballistic Protection solutions, it has met the needs of the Presidency of Defense Industries, Ministry of Defense, Turkish General Staff, Gendarmerie and Forces; and the needs of other safety and security institutions with the promise of high value. It continues to make a difference and to be preferred by the users with its lightest and highest protection products. In addition to ballistic personnel protection solutions, it has successfully delivered many important projects as the leading player in the ballistic protective shield products sector.

By increasing its exports abroad significantly; with its high technology level that can meet and quickly respond to the needs of friendly and allied countries, it fulfills the needs with its flexible production capability. It takes steps towards becoming a ballistic protection solutions manufacturer preferred by many countries with its ability to offer products at different protection levels in accordance with international ballistic standards, in time and conditions that will correspond to the needs of the market.

With this ability, it has sent and continues to send a high number of ballistic protective plates and ballistic vests needed by the Ukrainian state in the Ukraine-Russia war, which has been going on since the beginning of 2022. Furthermore, it continues to meet the ballistic protection solutions needs of NATO countries such as the Italian army, the Polish police, the Dutch special operations police, the German police, the Belgian police and army.

While offering advanced technical ceramics and composite armor solutions, with the Digital Technologies Department that it has configured in 2022, it also aims to make a difference in its processes with digital platforms that will add value to protection needs. Nurol Teknoloji, which leads its projects by taking into account the needs of its end users, continues its duties and responsibilities in the sector with integrated systems and other digital platforms that offer new solutions to the user.

In the last year, simulations of ballistic events started to be created with the "Computational Mechanical Infrastructure" established within the Research & Development. Day by day, digital technologies are used more effectively and the realism of the models is accelerated. The last of these models is the simulation of the "Depth of Penetration (DoP)" test, which is used to measure the penetration ability of ammunition. According to the physical test results, it succeeded by achieving the accuracy of our simulation test results at the rate of 99%.

Nurol Teknoloji has been serving the manufacturing and mining industry for many years with its ceramic wear plates, vertical shaft impact crusher (rotor crusher tips) products, as well as defense industry products. In this context, every passing year, it continues to increase the domestic and international market share of vertical shaft crushers used in the mining industry and wear plates made of ceramics with high wear resistance.

2022 has been a very influential year for Nurol Teknoloji both globally and domestically. By penetrating into the US market with the NT Armor brand, it has already completed important project deliveries and taken steps that will leave its mark worldwide.

As a provider of ballistic protective products and solution systems, Nurol Teknoloji will continue to work and produce twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, in order to remain as the most respected, preferred and influential brand in the world.

Projects in Türkiye;

  • Ballistic protective vests and ballistic plates project within the scope of the General Directorate of Security, BKY Project,
  • General Directorate of Security, ballistic protective shields project,
  • Turkish Defence Industry Agency(SSB), ballistic shield project,
  • Turkish Defence Industry Agency(SSB), ballistic protective vest project,
  • Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. (STM), National Ship (MİLGEM) armoring project,
  • Land Forces Command, ballistic protective armor plate project,
  • Land Forces Command, ballistic shield project,
  • Gendarmerie General Command, ballistic protective vest project,
  • Gendarmerie General Command, ballistic protected visor project,
  • Naval Forces Command, ballistic protective armor plate project,
  • Coast Guard Command, ballistic protective vest project,
  • ASFAT, ballistic protective armor plate and ballistic protective shield project,
  • ASFAT, ship platform armoring project,
  • Aselsan armored security cabins project,
  • Havelsan, ballistic protective vest project,
  • Roketsan ballistic ceramics studies project,
  • FNSS, land vehicles ballistic armor project,
  • Nurol Makina, land vehicles ballistic armor project,
  • BMC, land vehicles ballistic armor project,
  • Ziraat Bank ballistic protective vest project,
  • Halkbank ballistic protective vest project,
  • TAI, aircraft platform armoring project,
  • Presidency of Republic of Türkiye, ballistic protected bag project,
  • Presidency of Turkish National Intelligence Organization, ballistic protective visors project,
  • Istanbul Finance Center armored security cabins project,
  • Esen System ballistic protective shelter project.

Ongoing Projects Abroad;

  • Italian Army ballistic protective armor plates project,
  • Dutch special action police ballistic shields project,
  • German police ballistic shields project,
  • Belgian police ballistic plates project,
  • Belgian Ministry of Defense ballistic plates project,
  • Ukrainian Ministry of Defense ballistic vests and ballistic armor plates project,
  • Pakistan land vehicles armor project,
  • Czech Ministry of Defense ballistic vests project,
  • Polish police ballistic plates project,
  • Polish vehicle armor project,
  • Indonesian vehicle armor project,
  • Philippines ballistic vests project,
  • Norwegian ballistic ceramics project,
  • Colombian helicopter armor project,
  • Saudi Arabian ballistic plates project,
  • Tanzania ballistic plates and vests project.

Our References in Türkiye;

  • Presidency of Republic of Türkiye
  • Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Republic of Türkiye Ministry of National Defence
  • Republic of Türkiye Ministry of National Defence General Staff
  • Turkish Special Forces Command
  • Turkish Land Forces Command
  • Turkish Air Force Command
  • Turkish Naval Forces Command
  • Turkish General Command of Gendarmerie
  • Turkish Coast Guard Command
  • Repubic of Türkiye General Directorate of Security
  • Presidency of Türkiye National Intelligence Organization
  • Turkish Defence Industry Agency (SSB)
  • Defense Technologies Engineering Inc. (STM)
  • TUSAŞ-Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI)
  • Asfat A.Ş.
  • Aselsan A.Ş.
  • Roketsan A.Ş.
  • Havelsan
  • FNSS Defense Systems Inc.
  • Nurol Makina A.Ş.
  • BMC
  • Türkiye Halk Bankası A.Ş.
  • Ziraat Bank

Our International References;

  • Germany
  • U.S.A
  • Belgium
  • Italy
  • Ukraine
  • Holland
  • France
  • Czechia
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Indonesia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Pakistan
  • Tanzania
  • Tunisia
  • B.A.E.
  • Norway
  • Colombia
  • Malaysia
  • Kazakhistan
  • Kyrgyzstan

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