General Manager: Nurettin AKDENİZ

NUROL Construction Co., founded in 1966 as the pioneering company of NUROL Group of Companies, has taken its first step to International Markets in 1980’s.

Overseas operations started with Saudi Arabia, had expanded to Russian Federation and CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independent States) established after disintegration of Soviet Union in 1990’s. In 2000’s Middle East and North Africa became the focus of interest area. During this period, in parallel with overseas operations, domestic operations had also continued rapidly and many projects within the framework of Turkey’s leading industrial complexes and infrastructure investments were added to the references, as well.

As of 2020, the field of activity of NUROL Construction Co. which is the flagship of NUROL Holding Group of Companies including more than 40 affiliates and subsidiaries has expanded in different areas from construction and trade to machinery and defense, from banking and finance to hotel management and tourism from mining and power production to aviation and insurance intermediary services, covering this fifteen countries scattered to a wide geography from Algeria and Morocco to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Qatar, Georgia, Romania, Hungary, Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan Uzbekistan, Iraq and Afghanistan.(*) Our Business Development efforts to find new markets through Middle East, Balkans, Africa and Eastern Europe, have been continuing at full speed.

(*) Projects were realized before any sanctions were applied for the specified countries.

The field of activity in the context of the reference project portfolio of NUROL Construction Co., which is included in the list of Top International Global Contractors published by “Engineering News Record” (ENR. com) of USA, covers the infrastructure projects, highways, motorways, railways and metro systems, tunnels, gas / petroleum pipelines and related facilities, irrigation / drainage systems, dams and hydroelectric power plants, water supply and sewage systems, urban / industrial treatment facilities and solid waste facilities, turnkey manufacturing facilities, industrial complex projects, industrial sites, business and trade center projects, luxurious / mass housing and social center projects and hotels, holiday villages and tourism facilities.

The operations in parallel to the graphic achieved with this successful history are continuing quickly with the ongoing domestic and overseas projects.

As per the implementation contract signed on 27 September 2010 between the General Directorate of Highways and Otoyol Yatırım ve İşletme A.Ş., which became effective on 15 March 2013, 384 km of motorway and 43 km of access road, adding up to a total of 427 km of motorway were constructed to connect Gebze and İzmir. The route comprises construction of Osmangazi Suspension Bridge which is the second longest suspension bridge in Europe and the fourth longest in the world with its 4.500 m total length including approach viaducts and 1.550 m mid-span, 29 viaducts, 3 motorway tunnels, 199 bridges, 20 toll plazas, 25 interchanges, 6 operation and maintenance centers, 3 tunnel operation and maintenance centers and 18 motorway service facilities. Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Motorway (including Osmangazi Suspension Bridge and Connection Roads) project is one of the biggest infrastructure investments in Turkey with its 7,5 billion USD value not including financing costs and VAT. Sections between Gebze Intersection and Bursa which includes Osmangazi Suspension Bridge have been completed and opened traffic at 01.07.2016 whereas Bursa – İzmir section of the motorway was fully completed and opened to traffic as of 04.08.2019.

Orhangazi 4th section between Km: 34+300 and 43+296 of the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Motorway which includes the construction of 9 km motorway, 2 bridges, 1 pedestrian bridge, 16 underpasses, 17 box culverts, 2 retaining walls and 9 diversion canals was completed under the responsibility of Nurol at the end of 2015.

1.378 m long South Approach Viaduct of the Osmangazi Suspension Bridge which includes 35.000 tonnes of steel works was another section under the sole responsibility of Nurol was also completed on April 2016.

Last section under our responsibility at the project, Balıkesir-Kırkağaç-Akhisar Section between Km: 224+300 and 317+284 construction works commenced on 2015 and parts of the sections between Km: 224+300 to 230+500 (Balıkesir West Intersection) and Km: 310+513 (Akhisar Intersection including Akhisar Access Road) to 317+284 were completed and opened to traffic as of March 2019. The section between Km: 230+500 – 310+513 was also completed and opened to traffic in August 2019. Within the scope of 93 km. motorway, total of 35.000.000 m³ earthworks (cut-fill), 6 viaducts (with a total length of 4.454 m), 61 bridges, 58 underpasses, 202 box culverts, 6.500.000 tons of pavement works, 1 operation and maintenance area, 5 toll gates, 5 interchanges and 3 motorway service facilities were completed.

NUROL Tower Business Complex and Nurol Park projects were completed in 2016 and works for NUROL Life Multipurpose Complex Project were completed in 2017 under the scope of Nurol REIT’s 800 million USD investment in İstanbul. NUROL Tower Çağlayan Business Complex was built on a 6.800 m² project area and consists of 74.000 m² closed area whereas NUROL Park Project scope consists construction of nine multi-purpose blocks with a total 323.500 m² closed area on turn-key basis.

Finally, a 50 floor tower and a base building complex with a total of 142.000 m² closed area were successfully completed and handed over under our NUROL Life Project scope.

Provisional acceptance for the civil works of our Ilısu Dam and HEPP Project was completed in 2020. The project was constructed by an international consortium under the leadership of NUROL as a concrete faced rock fill dam with 24 million m³ dam body which generates 4,1 billion kWh energy per annum with 1.200 MW capacity. Ilısu Dam and HEPP has the second largest dam body and fourth biggest installed capacity of Turkey.

Final acceptance for the 136 million TL worth main contract works of the Construction Works of Hasankeyf Highway Bridges project, which includes the construction of 465 m long Hasankeyf-1, 1.001 m long Hasankeyf-2 and 169 m long Başur bridges in Siirt and Batman provinces, was completed on October 2018. Provisional acceptance for the 73,9 million TL supplementary works contract which was signed on April 2017 was also realised.

229,5 million TL contract was signed for Construction Works of Eyiste Viaduct Project on December 2016. A 1.372 m long and 25m wide viaduct will be constructed under the scope of the project, which will become one of the highest balanced cantilever beam viaducts of the world. The viaduct will have 2 end and 8 mid piers with heights ranging from 42 to 165 m.

Construction works at Yusufeli Dam Bridges project, which was awarded to Nurol Construction in 2017, are ongoing in accordance with the schedule. 3 viaducts will be constructed with the balanced cantilever method whereas the fourth viaduct will be constructed by push-drive method. 644 m long Tekkale (Hazuket) Viaduct, 695 m long Yusufeli Viaduct, 340 m long Yusufeli Dam Viaduct and 530 m long Şilenkar viaduct constitute the project scope. Contract value of the project is 355,8 million TL.

Construction works are ongoing at for Silifke-Mut Motorway Project that was awarded to Nurol Construction in 2017. Within the scope of the 504,6 million TL contract, 14,2 km two by two highway, 3 NATM tunnels with a total length of 6.860  m and a cable stayed 2. Kılıç Arslan Bridge will be constructed.

Value of completed items for our ongoing Ordu Ring Road project came to the original contract figure in year 2015 and final contract value reached 550 million TL together with cost escalations and another 20% additional contract granted by the Employer. 6 double tube tunnels with a total length of 9,5 km, 7 viaducts with a total length of 3,7 km, 5 bridges and 7 intersections constitutes the project scope of 2x2 lane 21,4 km long highway. Following the completion of the works within the scope of the contract, provisional acceptance was realized on December 2017 and the final acceptance was realized on December 2018. 10,7 km long section of Ordu Ring Road between Perşembe and Otogar Intersections were opened to traffic on March 2019.

Another contract for the landslide improvement works on the same route as in our Ordu Ring Road project was tendered and awarded to us in July 2016. The works in scope was completed on October 2017 and provisional acceptance was realised, final acceptance was realised on October 2018.

Supplementary works of the project were also secured by the Joint Venture led by Nurol Construction. 584,5 million TL worth supplementary works contract was signed on July 2017 and is ongoing in accordance with project schedule.

Under the scope of Ümraniye-Ataşehir-Göztepe Metro Line Project which was secured and signed with İstanbul Municipality on 2017, construction of 13 km long double tube TBM tunnel, 2 train depots (NATM) and connection tunnels (NATM) is being implemented. Project includes total of 11 stations distributed as 5 main shaft+tunnel type, 4 cut and cover type an 2 tunnel type stations. Once completed, 2,47 billion TL worth project will connect 3 districts at Anatolian side of İstanbul.

Yeşilyaka Housing Project construction works, which is being implemented in 2 stages and 6 phases in İstanbul Büyükçekmece - Sırtköy with an investment value of 500 million USD, have been in progress. The project scope includes the construction of villas, social facilities and sales office which will be executed in our 1.008.732 m² land. The first stage (Koru) of the project, implemented on 320.000 m² land in 3 phases, comprises the construction of 173 villas, social facilities, commercial and common areas. Handing over of the villas is ongoing in the first stage. Construction works at stage 2 which comprise of 472 villas, social facilities and commercial areas on 625.400 m² land are also ongoing in accordance with the schedule.

In December 2020 Nurol Construction signed 414 million TL contract for Çiğli Tram Line Construction Works project, which was tendered by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. The project scope includes approximately 12 km long tram line with 15 stations, transformer buildings, tram bridge, electromechanical works and extension of the platforms of the stops of the already in service Konak Tram Line.

In Algeria, another country where we carry out our activities, our latest Motorway project linking Tizi-Ouzou with East-West Highway, awarded to us with a contract value of 460 million EUR and together with additional works and quantity increases, contract value is expected to reach 1 billion Euro upon completion. Scope of the project includes construction of 48 km long motorway together with a 1,7 km long double tube tunnel, 21 viaducts, smaller engineering structures and drainage systems. Section between Km: 0+000 and 10+000 was completed and opened to traffic whereas construction works at the other sections are ongoing in accordance with the project schedule.

Construction works in Boukhroufa Dam project which was secured on 2013 for 79,8 million USD contract. The dam is located on the Boukhroufa Stream, 9 km south of the city of Bouteldja, with an aim to provide irrigation water to agricultural lands in the region. Clay core earth fill dam will rise 87 m high from the foundation. Once completed, its reservoir will have 86 million m³ storage capacity. Within the project scope 2.100.000 m³ excavation, 4.900.000 m³ fill, 100.000 m³ concrete and 12.400 tons of steel works will be carried out. Contract value is expected to reach 156,5 million USD upon completion.

Souk Tleta Dam, which is another dam under construction by Nurol Construction in Algeria, is located on the Bougdoura Stream, 8 km south of the city of Draa Ben Khedda, with a view to provide irrigation and drinking water to Tizi Ouzou and Boumerdes regions. The clay core earth fill dam will rise 95 m high from the foundation. Once completed, its reservoir will have 90 million m³ storage capacity. Within the project scope 1.500.000 m³ excavation, 1.400.000 m³ fill, 124.000 m³ concrete and 3.600 tons of steel works will be carried out. Contract value is expected to reach 105 million EUR upon completion.

In Romania, Nurol Construction has been awarded Design and Execution of Subsection 3B5: Nusfalau-Suplacu de Barcau (km: 66+500-km: 80+054.044) project contract which has critical importance in terms of connection of Romania and Western Europe. 13,5 km motorway contract was signed on 2020 September for 395 million RON price and it involves 6 months design and 18 months construction periods.

In Morocco, our 82 km long road project with highway standards was completed and opened to traffic. 150 million EUR worth contract consists of Lots 3 and 4 of El Jadida-Safi Motorway project.

The Gulf Region maintains its position to be an important focal point for NUROL Construction apart from our successfully completed twenty one landmark projects, we currently have seven ongoing projects in United Arab Emirates. Among our projects in UAE, final acceptance was realized on July 2019 at our Marina City Villas and Residential Buildings project in Abu Dhabi which includes 67 high-end VIP Villas and 4 Residential Towers (G+12F+R) over common podium/car park with a total closed area of 123.000m². Value of the project is 675 million AED.

Further, in Abu Dhabi, 359 million AED high-rise building contract for construction of Corniche Tower Project which is planned to be completed by March 2021. Project scope consists of construction of 43 storey high-end Residential Building including Retail and Office spaces with a total build-up area of 66.945 m².

Finally, 300 million USD worth Riyadh City South Phase-4 contract in Abu Dhabi was signed on September 2020 and it is planned to be completed on February 2023. The scope of Infrastructure Works contract involves roads and paving, soft and hard landscaping, street lighting, potable water network, power network including substations, storm water networks sewerage and irrigation network, irrigation network, telecommunication, monitoring and controlling center (mcc), service authority connections for 960 hectare and land development for 3.199 villas.

In Dubai, we were awarded with 5 contracts within 2017 - 2018 period by EMAAR which is one of the biggest developers of the UAE. Two of these projects, namely Golf View Villas and Golf View Apartments projects, were completed on 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Emaar Beach Vista project contract was signed within 2018 for a price of 410 million AED. 33 and 26 storey residential towers will be constructed on Dubai Harbour and planned to be completed by September 2021.

The Cove Buildings project consists of 3 residential towers of Block C-2B+G+M+9+R, Block D-2B+G+21+R and Block J-2B+G+6+R, over one common podium incorporating towers on Plot A.020 of Dubai Creek Harbour with a total closed area of 76.136 m². 310 million AED worth contract planned to be completed by March 2021.

Finally, 406 million AED worth residential project contract for construction of Creek Gate Towers, which consists of 33 and 40 storey twin residential towers over one common podium on Plot 32 of Dubai Creek Harbour with a total closed area of 100.889 m², planned to be completed by May 2021.

In Libya, which is the last country in our field of activity in North Africa, our activities were, unfortunately, suspended due to sad events experienced in the country and we are currently spending our efforts to resume our work within the framework of our Coastal Highway Algarabolli-Misuratah Section Project including the rehabilitation of 160 km long dual highway, Tripoli Al Fateh University Economy and Law Faculties, Physical Education Faculty and Campus B Infrastructure Works Projects.

In Georgia/Batumi, Sheraton Hotel, which was successfully completed and owned by our company receives high praises. Business development efforts in the region are still growing quickly.

Our business development activities within the scope of our overseas activities are rapidly progressing. In addition to our initiatives in the Gulf Region and mainly in Algeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman and Romania, we are also carrying out our activities in various countries in North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Pakistan and India.

Through its works briefly mentioned, NUROL Construction and Trading Co. Inc. is carrying the justified pride of its successful history to the future with a young and dynamic spirit which it has never been lost since the very first day of its foundation.

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