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Nurol Management and Real Estate Administration Inc. is established in Ankara in 1991 for the purpose of managing the Karum Business and Shopping Center, which is one of the first shopping malls in Turkey. Apart from its managing duties, the establishment undertook the management of all the facilities, real estates and business centers of Nurol Group until 2011. Our establishment has proudly and successfully managed all the facilities for 20 years up until on March 15, 2011 when our establishment conceded its management duties due to the disagreement on the concept of management between the management and the tenants of the business center. Currently our establishment is undertaking the management of Karum Parking Area and Sheraton Ankara Hotel Parking Area and all the offices, showcases and etc. within the premises, encompassing the maintenance and alterations on the premises, renting of the real estate, consultancy on the tenant-property owner relations, and consultancy on real estate administration and management areas.

Our services are listed as below:

Karum Parking Area:

Our establishment continues to undertake the management of the Karum Shopping Mall commercial parking area which has a capacity of 500 cars. Our parking area is operated 24 hours and has hourly, daily and monthly parking rate payment options along with car wash, auto detailing & auto paint protection, car tire sale-storage-repair-maintenance, and car motel service. Our parking area has 24 hours video surveillance system.

Karum Car Wash, Car Detailing & Auto Paint Protection:

We offer high quality interior and exterior car wash, auto detailing & auto paint protection, engine cleaning services with our experienced and expert staff located at D floor of Karum Parking Area.

Karum Car Tyre Services:

We provide high quality car tire services at our Karum Parking Area at floor E with modernized equipment pool: offering tire changes and repair, wheel alignment adjusting, nitrogen filling, wheel rim rectification and tire safekeeping services. We have Michelin brand tires of all dimension available at our premises. We also offer Mini Maintenance packages that includes lube oil, cooling water liquid level control, lube oil-air-pollen filter controls and changes, brake lining ignition plug controls, headlight and headlight adjustment controls, wiper control and change, and air conditioning antibacterial spay application.

Sheraton Hotel Parking Area:

We undertake the management of Ankara Sheraton Hotel & Convention Center commercial parking area and car wash since 2005. We offer 24 hour service at our parking area with 220 car capacity, with our qualified staff of 9 people. Our parking area has hourly, daily and monthly parking rate payment options along with car wash service. Our parking area has 24 hours video surveillance system.

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