Nurol Holding Inc.

NUROL is a group of companies that started its operations with NUROL Construction established in 1966 and has been growing with the investments it has made with the companies it has structured in various sectors by putting special emphasis on efficiency and quality.

NUROL Holding was founded in 1989 under the management of brothers Nurettin, Erol, and M. Oğuz ÇARMIKLI and continues its activities with an understanding of social responsibility and prioritizing what is best for society and the environment. The Çarmıklı Family is the owner of one of Türkiye's leading groups, which has built superior brand equity with over half a century of commercial experience and know how, preserving its commitment to traditions, and taking the utmost care to ensure that family values and corporate values are in harmony.

Since the day it was founded, NUROL has been continuing its activities at home by contributing to the national economy, while taking part in significant projects abroad by representing the name of our country in the best way by upholding universal values.

Through its more than 40 subsidiaries and affiliates, the Holding operates both domestically and internationally in numerous industries, including construction and contracting, defense, mining, real estate investment, finance, tourism, energy, trade, and services. Its primary objective is to fully maximise its capacity with more than 10,000 employees, to create jobs, and contribute value to the national economy by effectively managing its risks with a balanced portfolio.

NUROL Holding A.Ş. is headquartered in Ankara, while the construction, real estate development, banking and investment sectors are based in Istanbul. The defense industry group companies, mining, energy, tourism, trade, and service sector companies are also based in Ankara. Achieving sustainable growth in line with its strategic goals by renewing its short, medium, and long-term plans according to changes, NUROL updates its short- and long-term goals to maintain its solid presence in the sectors in which it operates and to continue its investments in Türkiye and abroad with a stronger structure.

The Group Companies are managed by an Executive Committee consisting of senior executives, including Coordinators reporting to the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board, Presidents reporting to Sectoral Coordinators, and functional Group Heads, within the framework of corporate governance principles. The Executive Committee is primarily responsible for strategic decisions and developments and reports to the Board of Directors, which is the ultimate decision-maker. Subsidiaries and affiliated companies are managed by fully authorized General Managers and control, coordination, and supervision activities are carried out from the Holding headquarters.

As of December 31, 2022, NUROL Holding's consolidated assets amounted to TRY 79.1 billion, while the group's revenue was approximately TRY 26.8 billion as of the same date, and the target for 2023 is planned as TRY 37.2 billion.

Along with its commercial activities, NUROL sets strategies for resolving societal issues and enhancing modern living standards and takes part in various initiatives in this regard. Group companies, together with all their employees, have agreed to serve society by prioritizing people and environment with the awareness of corporate social responsibility. Meeting the economic and social requirements of the present without harming the environment and limiting the opportunities for future generations will be one of our major goals in 2023. A comprehensive working group has been established to this end. In line with its corporate policies, since its establishment, the Holding aims to fulfill the requirements outlined in the United Nations Global Compact with regard to the environment, labor standards, and human rights as well as to raise the level of implementation in these areas. The Holding attaches considerable importance to the continuity of the value chain as it is aware that the activities carried out with the principle of continuous improvement will contribute not only to the Group Companies but also to the growth of the national economy with a solid infrastructure.