Nurol Holding Inc.

Founded in 1966 as a construction and contracting company under the name NUROL Construction, NUROL Holding is today a growing and developing group thanks to the investments made together with its affiliated companies operating in various sectors, all of which were founded with productivity and quality in mind.

Working under the leadership of its founders, brothers Nurettin ÇARMIKLI, Erol ÇARMIKLI and M. Oğuz ÇARMIKLI, NUROL Holding has been carrying out its operations unabated in a variety of sectors, including construction and contracting, as well as defence, mining, real estate investment, finance, tourism, energy, trade and services, both at home and abroad. Thanks to the high-ranking brand quality they have create with more than 50 years of experience in business, the ÇARMIKLI Family continues to oversee the activities of one of Turkey’s leading groups, continuing to act in line with the requirements of the era, while preserving its commitment to traditions and synchronizing its corporate and family values.

The Holding has been carrying out its operations in Turkey in a manner appropriate to NUROL’s reputation since its establishment, while taking care to undertake successful projects abroad and to represent Turkey in the best possible manner, without compromising on universal values. The Holding’s primary objective, shared by close to 40 subsidiaries, affiliates, branches and project partnerships and around 15,000 employees, is to make maximum use of its capacity, and to create jobs and value-added for the national economy, while efficiently managing risks through a balanced portfolio.

NUROL Construction, the flagship of the NUROL Group of Companies working under NUROL Holding, was restructured in 1989, and today operates over a large area encompassing close to 20 countries, including Algeria, Morocco, Libya, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Hungary, Iraq and Afghanistan. (*)

Serving the Turkish defence sector through its modern factories and facilities, and its advanced technological infrastructure and high production capacity, NUROL Makina, NUROL Teknoloji, FNSS and NUROL BAE Systems (BNA) continue their design, engineering and production works in an efficient, reliable, innovative and indigenous manner in line with the demands of the sector, offering integrated solution packages that are tailor-made to suit the requirements of the user.

(*) No sanctions were adopted to the specified countries at the contract date of the projects.

TÜMAD Mining was launched in 2011 to carry out advanced explorations in mining areas, with due respect paid to nature, the environment and human life. The company can be counted among the leading gold producers in the country, and is engaged in sustainable mining projects that target economic and social development with an environmental protection approach.

The NUROL Group of Companies is managed through the Coordination Offices affiliated to the Chairman and Vice-Presidents of the Board of Directors and the General Managers of affiliated companies, in line with corporate governance principles; while control, coordination and supervision activities are carried out at the HOLDING headquarters. The headquarters of the HOLDING is in Ankara, which is home also to the head offices of most of the Holding companies, including those engaged in mining, energy, tourism, trade, services, and, in particular, defence. NUROL Construction, NUROL REIT and NUROL BANK, on the other hand, are headquartered in Istanbul. Having achieved sustainable growth by renewing its short-, medium- and long-term goals in line with its strategic targets in the sectors in which it is engaged, NUROL now aims to continue its investments in domestic and foreign markets with a stronger structure, preserving its solid presence in the sectors in which it is operating.

NUROL Holding’s consolidated assets exceeded 29 billion TL as of December 31, 2020, while in the same period the turnover of the Group was 9 billion TL, with 12 billion TL targeted for 2021. Our goals for 2021 may be reviewed and revised to take into account the uncertainties associated with the ongoing global pandemic.

In addition to its commercial activities, NUROL has been mapping out strategies and taking part in various projects with a view to resolving social problems and improving contemporary living standards. Drawing upon its sense of corporate social responsibility, the Group of Companies has made it its mission to serve society together with its employees, with priority given to people and the environment.

Since the day of its establishment, the NUROL Education, Culture and Sports Foundation founded by the ÇARMIKLI Family, has persistently strived to develop our nation’s values by supporting the development of education, culture and the arts, all of which play an important role in the development of a country.

Since the day of our foundation, we, as the NUROL Group of Companies, have been acting in accordance with our corporate policies and have fulfilled our requirements in regards to the environment, working standards and human rights, as set out in the United Nations Global Compact, while continuing to increase the level of implementation in these areas. Considering that our activities, which we carry out in accordance with the principle of continuous improvement, contribute not only to our Group of Companies, but also to the radical transformation of the national economy, we attach great importance to the continuity of the value chain interaction. Visit our website to access the Sustainability Reports we have prepared for you, our valuable stakeholders, in accordance with the principle of transparency, to gain a clear understanding of the sustainability goals of our companies.