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Nurol Group of Companies has always been proud of the quality of social and economic values it has created through its half a century of business experience, its services in 5 different sectors ranging from trade to defense, from construction to machinery and manufacturing, from tourism to finance, its participations and affiliated companies, and over 15.000 native and foreign employees.

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The foundation has intensified its activities on education primarily.


50 Year+


3,1 Billion $

Nurol İnşaat ve Ticaret A.Ş., which our company is the leader of the Ilısu DAM and HEPP project of consortium, the first turbine of Ilısu Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant, with a total annual energy production capacity of 4.1 billion kilowatt-hours, has been put into operation on the 101st anniversary of May 19 Youth and Sports Day.

First Anti-Tank Vehicles Join TAF

03 February 2020 By NUROL HOLDİNG in News From Us

“Business Leader Award” to NUROL BNA

03 February 2020 By NUROL HOLDİNG in News From Us