Nurettin Çarmıklı Books

Exactly 10 years ago, in 2006, I had written my book “I Promised to My Father”, in which I narrated my life and memories. My life and memories… They are all composed of only work. I believe those who have read that book might have seen that there is nothing in my life other than work and NUROL, which is our company that we have built up together with my brothers. I do not like much to talk about myself. As a man who has always refrained from being appeared on media, the book in question was, for me, a kind of first and longest bare my heart. It was a kind of a comprehensive response to the question of “Who is Nurettin Çarmıklı?” Those, who have read my book “I Promised to My Father” and had chance to get answers to the question about who I am, might have been realized that my life is majorly- maybe I have to say unfortunately- only composed of business life. So, the book “I Promised to My Father” is not only about my life and memories but also a summary of 40 years of NUROL.

While we celebrated the 40th birthday of NUROL, a kind of corporate history had been written with my words as well. Now, 10 years later, we celebrate 50th birthday of NUROL. As corporate, now we are in our years of maturity. 50 years those have been left behind means 50 years of my life. I am very well aware of that lives of institutions can be incomparably long, when they are managed well enough, in comparison the life of a human being. Although I will not be around, I am pretty confident that the second, third and so on 50th birthdays of NUROL will be celebrated in the future. Within the 50 years we left behind, we have put our signatures to various works that will serve to our people for additional several 50 years. We have built roads, dams, canals, tunnels, residences, and manufactured armored vehicles. We are proud of making a humble contribution to prevention of a military coupe and protection of our democracy by means of armored vehicles we have manufactured. In this book, I do not mention about what we have done within the country. But, I have to say that we put our signature on many huge projects, for which we all should be proud of.