Assistant General Manager: Mustafa ÖZTÜRK  

Enova was established in 2003 with the partnership of Nurol and Özaltın in order to produce and sell electric energy. Our company took over Ceyhan Hydroelectric Plant’s production license for 49 years with build – operated model from the Energy Market Regulatory Authority in 2006. Our project Oşkan and Berkman, which is composed of regulators and power plants over Ceyhan River in Osmaniye, producing 250 million kWh energy annually with its 63 MW installed power.

Our renewable energy project with an investment value of approximately 168 million dollars and 660 employed people, will contribute to carbon oscillation by reducing 160.000 tons of CO₂. Ceyhan HEPP’s (its units have been commissioned consecutively in 2010) operating team is increasing its experience for optimum operating conditions and also carrying out marketing and sales of generated electricity energy with its trading team. Generated electricity is sold under competitive free market conditions. By the year 2020, a total of 2.650.000 MWH of energy was sold, of which 2.156.500 MWH is self-produced.

On behalf of Nurol and Özaltın Groups, while developing a business plan standing on a long term operation and taking position in energy sector, Enova Energy also contributes to the region with its social welfare projects. In Karagedik and Kumarlı villages, the construction of a primary school and a mosque were completed by our company for the purpose of social welfare.

Our company undertook and successfully completed an important investment in energy field which plays a leading role in development of countries. At the same time, the company also endeavors to rise the society’s social level better.

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