Nurol Education, Culture And Sports Foundation

NUROL EDUCATION, CULTURE and SPORTS FOUNDATION, which was established by the ÇARMIKLI FAMILY in 1996, is continuing its activities without interruption with the goal of developing Turkey’s national culture while protecting our connections with the past, and contributing to efforts aimed at enabling our country to reach the level of a contemporary civilization and to take its well-deserved place in the international arena.

The NUROL FOUNDATION was established in Ankara, and meets all of its financial needs through cash donations and from the real estate gifted by its founders, the Nurettin, Erol and Mehmet Oğuz ÇARMIKLI brothers, as capital in kind. In addition, the Foundation’s activities are supported by the returns on the assets within its portfolio and the transfers made annually by the Nurol Group of Companies. Recognizing the importance of activities aimed at increasing the quality of life of society as a natural part of its corporate culture of more than half a century and of the values it possesses, NUROL is also engaged in the provision of support to modern education, sports, culture and the arts with a view to creating a better future.

As for the management of the FOUNDATION, the decisions are taken by the members of the Board of Trustees in line with the objectives mentioned in its Charter, which are subject to the approval of the Board of Directors consisting of five members.

Originating out of its sense of social responsibility, the NUROL FOUNDATION attaches great importance to the provision of sustainable benefits through its contributions aimed at giving weight to the education and cultural development of young people. To this end, the FOUNDATION provides scholarships at various educational levels to successful students with limited financial means and follows up their educational closely.

The FOUNDATION has built schools, libraries, sports halls, training and congress centers, as well as cultural buildings for cinema and theater, providing also furnishings and landscaping, all over the country. These buildings, which are continuing to serve the Turkish nation, have been donated by the FOUNDATION to the Ministry of National Education.

The NUROL FOUNDATION has provided financial support for the preparation of books and documentary films aimed at raising awareness of our cultural heritage and at the same time protecting and promoting our national values, and has taken an active role in reaching out to the broader population with the artistic and cultural projects it has prepared.

With the support of the NUROL FOUNDATION, Ottoman history researcher, author and musicologist Emre Aracı is representing our country with great success in the field of music, releasing books and albums, attending conferences and giving concerts all over the world.

The NUROL ART GALLERY, which has been bringing art lovers from Ankara together with contemporary art and artists since 1992, continues to display the works of distinctive artists while also showcasing the works of young talented artists, giving them a chance to introduce themselves. The GALLERY has become a distinctive and preferred venue for culture and the arts in the Capital, not only with the exhibitions it features, but also with the artistic workshops, interviews, signing days and panels it hosts.