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Nurol Makina ve Sanayi A.Ş (Nurol Makina) was established in 1976 in order to meet the needs of our country in establishing turnkey industrial facilities, steel construction and machinery manufacturing. Since its establishment, it has undertaken many large-scale contracting works and has successfully submitted its projects. Nurol Makina has started working in the defense industry since 1992 and continues to manufacture 4x4 tactical wheeled armored vehicles in its modern facilities in Ankara.

Nurol Makina facilities are established in the first organized Industrial Zone in Sincan. Our facilities have a vehicle test area for tactical wheeled armored vehicles, which enables trench crossing and obstacle climbing, side and steep slope climbing, hilly terrain and amphibious ability performance tests. Our production facility, which is constantly developing with new investments in order to increase its capacity at the global level, continues its activities with a state-of-the-art infrastructure in a total indoor area of 64.000 m² with the latest growth. Nurol Makina opened the Göktürk Branch in order to carry out Integrated Logistics Support activities in Sincan OSB in 2021.

With the priority given to unique design and production in its products, Nurol Makina has been awarded R&D Center status by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology within the scope of Law no 5746. Making use of the production and integration capabilities accumulated over the years, work on RN-94 6x6 Armored Vehicle design has commenced and the said project has been successfully concluded. The design, production and integration of the RN-94 vehicle was carried out entirely within the NMS facilities and this experience was accumulated on various aspects.

In 2006, with the foresight that the Turkish Army would need mine resistant vehicles, the project for developing a new mine resistant 6x6 armored vehicle was started wholly inhouse within Nurol Makina, whose design work and mine tests were completed, and the prototype vehicle successfully passed the qualification tests under all terrain conditions.

Nurol Makina has a high production capacity with its technological infrastructure such as 5-axis laser cutting device, 7-axis robotic welding machine, hydraulic eccentric presses, heat treatment, laser scanning measurement system and painting units used to process armor steel.

Nurol Makina continues to manufacture 4x4 tactical wheeled armored vehicles (Ejder YALIN, NMS, Ilgaz, Ejder TOMA and Ejder KUNTER) for the domestic and abroad, especially the Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish National Police. Until now, more than 1500 vehicles from South America to the Far East, from the African continent to Europe have been working in more than 20 countries. Nurol Makina has the title of Türkiye’s most competitive company in the international arena in the 4x4 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles sector. Of course, as another step of this international growth, our Nurol Makina Hungary branch was established in 2021 and our new international investments will continue in the coming years. Nurol Makina knows that the biggest power in the world is to be a huge family with its employees, and continues its activities in the field of defense by blending its innovative studies based on corporate values with its engineering experience of more than 40 years. Adopting national development, social benefit and respect for the environment as a principle, combining technology with design as the leading manufacturer of developing Türkiye, Nurol Makina strengthens its position in the sector every day.


A unique multi-purpose platform combining high protection and high mobility, EJDER YALÇIN was developed to meet the operational requirements of military and security forces at rural and urban areas. EJDER YALÇIN 4x4 is a COMBAT PROVEN AV as experienced in numerous combat operations in Türkiye and other international regions so far.

The vehicle has proven itself in operational areas and it offers solutions for various operational requirements of users through customized configurations such as; Border Surveillance and Security Vehicle, Air Defence Vehicle, Reconnaissance Vehicle, Command and Control Vehicle, Mine/IED Detection- Clearance Vehicle, Combat Vehicle, Personnel Carrier, CBRN Surveillance Vehicle, Tactical Missile Carriage/Launch, Mortar Vehicle System and Armored Ambulance. Its high payload capacity allows for several payloads to be integrated on the platform. Without sacrificing mobility performance thanks to its powerful diesel engine, high torque capability and fully independent suspension system; the vehicle offers superior off-road performance.

In addition to its superior ballistic and mine protection features, the design of the vehicle also includes the operational and ergonomic requirements of its users as an ideal platform for the crew to work more efficiently and safely on the field.

NMS 4x4

The most recent design, NMS 4x4, features a V-shaped monocoque body. Its advanced drive-train makes the vehicle fast and highly maneuverable at rural and urban areas. NMS 4x4’s low weight and high protection features provides operational superiority and high resilience in the face of the most aggressive and asymmetric threats. Design considerations that prioritize readiness for multiple missions offer combat troops a range of capabilities ranging from carrying weapons systems to reconnaissance missions.

A next-generation vehicle, NMS 4x4 represents a perfect combination of scalable composite material armor. The modular design of NMS 4x4 enables the users to cover wide range of special operations such as combat operations, transportation of troops and equipment, air defence and reconnaissance. NMS 4x4 is an extremely attractive and useful solution for today’s hybrid warfare.

Furthermore, thanks to its higher speed and superior protection features compared to other vehicles in his segment, the vehicle is suitable as an escort in VIP convoys.


Nurol Makina’s unique design Ejder TOMA 4x4 Water Cannon Vehicle has been developed to maintain public order and security in rural and urban areas as well as border regions with its high off-road performance. All the tools, equipment, hardware electronics and software used in Ejder TOMA 4x4, is originally developed by Nurol Makina. Thus any configuration change or additional requirement can be implemented at minimum cost & time even to the vehicles in service.

Ejder TOMA, which has 4x4 mobility, indigenous military chassis and fully independent suspension system, is manufactured for the security forces to interfere quickly and effectively.

Ejder TOMA 4x4 is highly robust, compact and maneuverable in not only urban areas but also on off-road terrain. It’s system can also use water with dye, tear gas, foam (to extinguish fires) and mixtures.


ILGAZ II was developed in order to meet the requirements of special operation forces, military units and security forces to intervene with illegal demonstration, restoring public order and for rapid response in residential and rural areas. Into the design phase of ILGAZ II, Nurol Makina paid particular attention to the crew’s protection while ensuring that the crew can carry out their tasks safely and effectively.

ILGAZ II offers special solutions for the different requirements of users with; Ambulance, Anti- Tank Vehicle, Combat Vehicle, Command & Control Vehicle, Recce & Surveillance Vehicle, Counter Terrorism Vehicle, Internal Security Vehicle, Crime Scene Investigation Vehicle. ILGAZ II offers different driving modes such as, 4x4 and 4x2. It is also possible to integrate a variety of light weapon systems on the vehicle.


Ejder Kunter which was uniquely designed by Nurol Makina, is a platform that has fully independent suspension system with 4x4 customization. Ejder Kunter can operate effectively in rural areas as well as urban areas in every weather condition. It enables the users to operate with high performance and confidence by the vehicle’s front ergonomic cabin with high ballistic protection.

The system design of Ejder Kunter can be configured according to the user’s requirements and can offer special platform solutions including Command Control, Prisoner Transportation Vehicle etc. EJDER KUNTER which has a unique chassis can be customized for military, internal security and civil areas.

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