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Nurol Makina ve Sanayi A.Ş. (Nurol Makina) augments her methodology and service as a reliable solution partner in homeland security and defense industries through increasing experience of more than 40 years.

Being manufacturer of Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicles and Special Purpose Platforms for both national and international users, Nurol Makina transfers her experience in the Defense Industry through unique projects suitable for development and pioneers with her indigenous designs. Nurol Makina, one of the key role player in  defense industry with her unique products designed in accordance with user and especially security forces requirement, has developed constantly her design and engineering capabilities and introduced to defense sector.

In Nurol Makina, design and engineering activities have been performed in accordance with Integrated Design and Engineering Management System and various disciplines. Besides the mechanic, hydraulic, pneumatic system designs; control systems, electric/electronic system designs and the activities on software development have also been maintained by experienced staff.

Nurol Makina develops her engineering and design activities in her R&D Center comprising offices and meeting halls as well as prototype laboratories and integration areas. The coordination between co-design central structure, system engineering and design teams

has been developed and the synergy between the different units has been assured. Electronic control system software application laboratories which have required infrastructure and equipment for integration studies and prototype manufacture and prototype production lines have been separated from each other. Thus, a creative work environment based on "Need-to-Know" principle for the design teams has been accomplished.

Design and development activities being performed in accordance with the system engineering processes, combine the designs of different disciplines and provide the system requirement to be under guarantee. Under the scope of System Engineering studies, requirement analysis studies, system level design activities, interface control studies and also electric – electronic system designs, software designs and system level integration activities have been performed. System Engineering and Project Management activities have been combined through System Life Cycle due to integrated organization structure having complementary duties and responsibilities of System Engineering and Project Management. Through integrated structural coordination between System Engineering and Project Management activities and disciplines, System Engineering  and Project Management activities have been combined with each other throughout System Life Cycle Loop.

System Engineering & Project Management activities and communication among disciplines have been maintained perfectly and contract requirement has been fullfilled successfully within foreseen calender, quality and budget with guarantee in terms of completion of work.

Nurol Makina adopts providing requirement of sector and customer expectations at highest level by using engineering and technological capabilities for all products being developed and manufactured, as a "Quality Policy".

Nurol Makina quality system is certified to TS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, TS EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems and TS 18001:2014 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Quality Assurance Unit performs quality control activities through, Non – Destructive Inspection Substructure and experienced personnel with required certificates starting from Incoming Quality Control stage up to Final Product Controls. Mobility performance tests of produced platforms have been verified at test area and test pools located at Nurol Makina facility.

Under the scope of Nurol Makina production activities, required technical drawings for manufacturing have been prepared, special templates and fixtures have been designed with the equipment fit in the military standards and quality requirement. Those activities are being carried out with the CNC Benches in Nurol Makina infrastructure, laser and plasma shear benches, horizontal and vertical lathes, hydraulic and eccentric presses at different capacities, aluminum and armor steel welding equipments including robotic welding system. The material preparation, heat treatment and modern painting unit are also available in Nurol Makina infrastructure. The completion of qualification and design activities of the vehicles and the special purpose platforms have been accomplished in new assembly lines.

Regarding logistic support starting from design phase of the product and continuing for the life time, integrated logistic support requirement of product have been determined, planned for life time period and solutions have been formed to satisfy the requirement perfectly. The delicate approach for the feedbacks received from customers and repair & maintenance services have an important role for improving the customer satisfaction and this demonstrates that Nurol Makina has been a reliable manufacturer and a solution partner. The vehicles  delivered by Nurol Makina have received positive feedbacks from the security forces and new orders have been received.


EJDER YALÇIN 4X4, is a dynamic vehicle meeting all kinds of requirement of military units and security forces both in urban and rural areas by its impressive design, superior off-road performance, survivability and operational capacity. Currently, EJDER YALÇIN 4X4, which is  actively used in different tasks and operations, has received appreciation and new procurement contracts with its tactical capabilities and superior performance features. Deliveries under these contracts are still ongoing.

Multi-purpose and modular structure and the vehicle’s structure that can be used as an ideal solution for Surveillance, Command – Control, Internal Security, Armoured Ambulance, CBRN, Weapon Carrier, Tactical Missile Launcher, EM/Mine Detection and Combat Vehicle missions draw attention. One of the most important design parameters of EJDER YALÇIN 4X4 is the crew’s ability to perform their missions under high level of security. EJDER YALÇIN 4X4 has a high ballistic protection and also has provided high protection against mine blasts and improvised explosive devices (IED) by its special structural design and equipments. With the high payload capacity that the vehicle owns, add-on armors could also be integrated on EJDER YALÇIN 4X4 according to customer requirements. Besides, it can also provide protection against RPG attacks by its “Bird Cage” option. Different turrets can be integrated on EJDER YALÇIN 4X4 according to user requirement and the smoke grenade launchers on the vehicle are among the auxiliary elements that increase the capabilities of the vehicle.

EJDER YALÇIN 4X4 can be transported easily by airway, by sea and by railway with its special design. One of the most strategical features of EJDER YALÇIN 4X4 is that it can be used in joint and international operations.

EJDER YALÇIN 4X4 can be modified in different configurations in accordance with an easy, comfortable and ergonomic deployment of the crew, intended purpose of the vehicle and user requirement. Nurol Makina continuously follows the new user requirement and defense sector by its innovative approach and superior engineering perception and continues to develop EJDER YALÇIN 4X4 in accordance with R&D studies.


ILGAZ 4X4, satisfies the operational requirement of security forces in rural and urban areas. Dynamic, agile, modular, versatile, easy care and low maintenance security vehicle ILGAZ 4X4, meets the expectations of security forces in rural and urban areas. With its survivability, mobility and different weapon systems configuration capacity that can be integrated to the gunner opening gate located on top of the vehicle, ILGAZ 4x4 is especially designed to combat terrorirsm. ILGAZ 4X4 has protection against hand grenades, molotov cocktails, rifle ammo and urban attacks. By its design, ILGAZ 4X4 can satisfy different requirements such as Survelliance and Patrol Vehicle, Command Control Vehicle, Crime Scene Investigation Vehicle, Counter Terrorism Vehicle and Armoured Ambulance.


TOMA, (Riot Control Vehicle) which was developed firstly by Nurol Makina in Turkey in 2002, has been improved in accordance to with changing threats and user requirement. Indigenous TOMA vehicle, namely EJDER TOMA which addresses also indigenous 4X4 vehicle solution of Nurol Makina, has been developed under the scope of Contract signed by SSM (Undersecretariat for Defense Industries).

TOMAs are designed and equipped with new technologies in order to meet primary requirement of security forces. It is an effective vehicle used for homeland security and riot control operations and has actively been used primarily by  Turkish National Police, Turkish Gendarmerie General Command, Land Forces Command as well as by security and armed forces of many friendly countries.

EJDER TOMA, with high 4X4 mobility capability and fully independent suspension system, satisfies the requirement of security forces with its quick and effective intervention to challenge riots. It provides a safe and comfortable environment for the personnel with monocoque cockpit and multi-functional driver panel developed by Nurol Makina. Also it's ergonomy is provided by seats with suspension and hydraulically adjusted steering system.

EJDER TOMA has been designed by an improvable system architecture. An integrated vehicle and mission hardware control system according to which all the vehicle and screaming activities could easily be followed, camera and image record systems being watched by driver and the operator in the cabinet and the communication systems have been auxiliary elements assisting crew to accomplish their missions.

EJDER TOMA is the first indigenous Riot Control Vehicle designed as “armored”, not only in Turkey but also all around the world.


EJDER KUNTER, another benchmark character of Nurol Makina, has 4X4, 6X4 and 6X6 configurations with high mobility.

By its unique chassis design, EJDER KUNTER is suitable for operating in rural and urban areas and meets the expectations with different customizations according to  user requirement. Thanks to the easy adaptability feature and armoured cabin with high ballistic protection, EJDER KUNTER has different areas of use, including military, security and civilian areas such as; Logistic Vehicle, Command and Control Vehicle, Multiplex Armored Ambulance Vehicle, Ballistic Missile Launcher, Reconnaissance Vehicle, Personnel Carrier Vehicle, Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Vehicle, Prisoner Carrier Vehicle, Armoured Valuable Goods Carrier Vehicle and Tanker etc.

Nurol Makina, as a reliable manufacturer and a solution partner, continues to enhance its activities in the fields of defense and homeland security primarily for the requirement of Turkish Armed Forces, Turkish Gendarmerie General Command and Turkish National Police.


ILGAZ II 4X4, the second version of the ILGAZ vehicle, which was previously designed for use by security forces and entered into the Turkish National Police inventory, is developed by Nurol Makina for maintaining public order (for both military units and security forces), assisting rapid response teams, and preventing conflicts such as illegal protests and public demonstrations from escalating.

The legacy internal security vehicle called light armored vehicle ILGAZ II, revamped and remodeled in accordance with customer needs. During the design and development of the ILGAZ II 4X4, the protection and operational requirements of the personnel was taken into account and a platform has been produced to provide high survivability. The Ilgaz II 4X4 with a larger and ergonomic interior volume than the previous version has been qualified and the first batch of vehicles were already developed and exported.


NMS 4X4, which is designed by Nurol Makina ve San. A.Ş. has V shaped monocoque body and indigenous chassis. Improvements that have been made in drive-train, make the vehicle extremely fast and maneuverable on a variety of conditions. Besides offering high protection at a lower weight brings unique superiority to the vehicle in combat areas against the most aggressive and asymmetric threats. The vehicle being light, fast and offering superior maneuverability, makes the vehicle superior in operations. The vehicle designed for variety of missions, offers combat troops a range of capabilities ranging from carrying weapons systems to reconnaissance missions. NMS 4X4 with next generation design and features, is a perfect combination of scalable armor and composite material. The protection of the level can be altered in accordance with the customer needs. The ability of the vehicle to carry different payloads and the conversion of a different model on the same body gives the user additional operational capabilities. NMS 4X4 with its modular structure, can be used by Gendarmerie and security forces alongisde the armed forces and gives advantage especially in terms of ensuring logistics coexistence.

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