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Nurol Makina ve Sanayi A.Ş. (Nurol Makina) augments her methodology and service as a reliable solution partner in homeland security and defense industries through increasing experience of more than 40 years.

Being manufacturer of Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicles and Special Purpose Platforms for both national and international users, Nurol Makina transfers her experience in the Defense Industry through unique projects suitable for development and pioneers with her indigenous designs. Nurol Makina, one of the key role player in defense industry with her unique products designed in accordance with user and especially security forces requirement, has developed constantly her design and engineering capabilities and introduced to defense sector.

In Nurol Makina, design and engineering activities have been performed in accordance with Integrated Design and Engineering Management System and various disciplines. Besides the mechanic, hydraulic, pneumatic system designs; control systems, electric/electronic system designs and the activities on software development have also been maintained by experienced staff.

Nurol Makina develops her engineering and design activities in her R&D Center comprising offices and meeting halls as well as prototype laboratories and integration areas. The coordination between co-design central structure, system engineering and design teams has been developed and the synergy between the different units has been assured. Electronic control system software application laboratories which have required infrastructure and equipment for integration studies and prototype manufacture and prototype production lines have been separated from each other. Thus, a creative work environment based on "Need-to-Know" principle for the design teams has been accomplished.

Design and development activities being performed in accordance with the system engineering processes, combine the designs of different disciplines and provide the system requirement to be under guarantee. Under the scope of System Engineering studies, requirement analysis studies, system level design activities, interface control studies and also electric – electronic system designs, software designs and system level integration activities have been performed. System Engineering and Project Management activities have been combined through System Life Cycle due to integrated organization structure having complementary duties and responsibilities of System Engineering and Project Management. Through integrated structural coordination between System Engineering and Project Management activities and disciplines, System Engineering and Project Management activities have been  combined with each other throughout System Life Cycle Loop.

System Engineering & Project Management activities and communication among disciplines have been maintained perfectly and contract requirement has been fullfilled successfully within foreseen calender, quality and budget with guarantee in terms of completion of work.

Nurol Makina adopts providing requirement of sector and customer expectations at highest level by using engineering and technological capabilities for all products being developed and manufactured, as a "Quality Policy". Nurol Makina quality system is certified to TS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, TS EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems and TS 18001:2014 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Quality Assurance Unit performs quality control activities through, Non – Destructive Inspection Substructure and experienced personnel with required certificates starting from Incoming Quality Control stage up to Final Product Controls. Mobility performance tests of produced platforms have been verified at test area and test pools located at Nurol Makina facility.

Under the scope of Nurol Makina production activities, required technical drawings for manufacturing have been prepared, special templates and fixtures have been designed with the equipment fit in the military standards and quality requirement. Those activities are being carried out with the CNC Benches in Nurol Makina infrastructure, laser and plasma shear benches, horizontal and vertical lathes, hydraulic and eccentric presses at different capacities, aluminum and armor steel welding equipments including robotic welding system. The material preparation, heat treatment and modern painting unit are also available in Nurol Makina infrastructure. The completion of qualification and design activities of the vehicles and the special purpose platforms have been accomplished in new assembly lines.

Regarding logistic support starting from design phase of the product and continuing for the life time, integrated logistic support requirement of product have been determined, planned for life time period and solutions have been formed to satisfy the requirement perfectly. The delicate approach for the feedbacks received from customers and repair & maintenance services have an important role for improving the customer satisfaction and this demonstrates that Nurol Makina has been a reliable manufacturer and a solution partner. The vehicles delivered by Nurol Makina have received positive feedbacks from the security forces and new orders have been received.


EJDER YALÇIN 4x4 Armored Combat Vehicle a unique platform that provides high protection and mobility, is developed to meet the operational requirements of military units and security forces in every region including rural and urban areas. By its unique design and high payload capacity, different payloads can be integrated; therefore EJDER YALÇIN 4x4 can be customized for various applications. EJDER YALÇIN 4x4 has proven itself in the operational areas and it offers special solutions to the different operational requirements of users with customizations such as; Border Surveillance and Security Vehicle, Air Defence Vehicle, Reconnaissance Vehicle, Command and Control Vehicle, Mine/IED Detection-Clearance Vehicle, Combat Vehicle, Personnel Carrier, CBRN Surveillance Vehicle, Tactical Missile Carriage/ Launch System and Armored Ambulance. EJDER YALÇIN, was tested in many different countries and completed all of them successfully. EJDER YALÇIN has participated in challenging tests in many countries and successfully completed all of them.


EJDER KUNTER which was uniquely designed by Nurol Makina, is a platform that has fully independent suspension system with 4x4, 6x4 and 6x6 customization. With its off road performance, EJDER KUNTER can operate effectively in rural areas as well as urban areas in all terrain condition. Ergonomic cabin design with high ballistic protection enables users to operate with high performance & confidence. The system design of EJDER KUNTER can be configured according to user requirements and can offer special platform solutions including the integration of turrets. EJDER KUNTER which has a unique chassis can be customized for military, internal security and civil areas. In addition to the long chassis options, dual cabin application is also doable.


NMS 4x4 is builded on previous experience and constantly being improved by direct feedback from the operational use of our existing armored vehicle fleet. NMS 4x4 takes the performance levels of lightweight armored vehicles beyond that currently on offer around the globe. NMS 4x4 provides ballistic and Mine/IED protection that fully complies with STANAG 4569 and can easily be increased to required level. NMS 4x4 is engineered for utilization of Police Forces and Military Units. The modular design of NMS 4x4 enables the users to cover wide range of special operations such as low-intensity combat operations, transportation of troops & equipment, air defence, reconnaissance and light fire support. The user requirement and the integration of modern battlefield systems have been  Zonsidered from the beginning. So NMS 4x4 is an extremely attractive and useful solution for today's hybrid warfare. NMS 4x4 can carry a substantial payload for a vehicle of its size.


EJDER TOMA, which has 4x4 mobility, indigenous  military chassis and fully independent suspensionsystem, is manufactured for the security forces to interfere quickly and effectively against the  civil disobedience. EJDER TOMA which was uniquely designed by Nurol Makina, has been developed to maintain public order and security in rural and urban areas as well as border regions with its high off-road performance. All the tools, equipment, hardware electronics and software used in EJDER TOMA, is originally developed by Nurol Makina. Thus any configuration change or additional requirement can be implemented at minimum cost & time even to the vehicles in service. Indigenous water cannon design of Nurol Makina, has a 60 meter range and provides spraying at a vertical distance of -15 degrees and a range of +60 degrees. EJDER TOMA has self-ballistic protected cabin. The vehicle has the capability to draw water from the lakes and wells.


ILGAZ II was developed in order to meet the requirements ILGAZ II; offers special solutions for the different of special operation forces, military units and security requirements of users with Ambulance, Anti-Tank forces to intervene with social events and illegal Vehicle, Combat Vehicle, Command & Control Vehicle, demonstration, restoring public order and for rapid Recce & Surveillance Vehicle, Counter Terrorism response in residential and rural areas. Into the design Vehicle, Internal Security Vehicle, Crime Scene phase of ILGAZ II, Nurol Makina paid particular Investigation Vehicle. ILGAZ II offers different driving attention to the crew’s protection while ensuring that modes such as, 4x4 and 4x2. It is also possible to the crew can carry out their tasks safely and effectively. integrate a variety of light weapon systems.

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