General Manager & CEO: K. Nail KURT

FNSS is a globally recognized land systems company that specializes in designing and producing wheeled and tracked armored combat vehicles as well as combat engineering vehicles, turrets and sustainability solutions. As the preffered solution provider preffered of users in various countries, the Company has delivered so far more than 4.000 armored combat vehicles worldwide.

Adding Value through Innovative Solutions

Thanks to its competent and dynamic workforce, FNSS offers and production capabilities in line with the requirements of its innovative solutions during the entire product life cycle; from the users. FNSS' KAPLAN class tracked armoured product family design phase to the end of service life. Ever since the first roll-out in and PARS wheeled armoured vehicles are poised to shape 1990, the Company has continuously improved its vehicle design combat vehicle trends well into the 21st century.

Meeting User Expectations

FNSS designs and develops customized solutions to meet the requirements of each user. The key to FNSS’ success in delivering tailored products within requested time frames lies in its flexible approach to project management. This is complemented by its ability to orchestrate an extensive supply chain and a wide range of global partnerships.

FNSS has successfully engineered and supplied products addressing unique requirements such as Amphibious Armoured Earthmover, Rapidly Deployed Amphibious Wet Wide Gap Crossing system and KAPLAN MT (Medium Weight Tank). These vehicles are the most recent samples of FNSS's user-centric business model that focuses on understanding the exact requirements and tailoring precision solutions.

Building the Future with Confidence

FNSS products have been tested in stringent conditions and have proven themselves in combat missions. FNSS views user satisfaction as a permanent concept, addressing new needs that may emerge throughout the product`s lifecycle and offers sustainability solutions that extends the overall lifecycle. FNSS also makes a difference by generating significant value for its international users through localization packages that include employing local labour, establishing domestic supply chains, and providing in-country training and technology transfer. Building upon its 30-year heritage in the defence industry, FNSS continues to add value to its users by creating innovative solutions.

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