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FNSS is a globally recognized land systems company that specializes in designing and producing wheeled and tracked armoured combat vehicles as well as combat engineering vehicles, turrets and sustainability solutions. As the preferred solution provider of users in various countries, the Company has delivered thousands of armoured combat vehicles worldwide.

Thanks to its competent and dynamic workforce, FNSS offers innovative solutions during the entire product life cycle; from the design phase to the end of service life. Ever since the first roll-out in 1990, the Company has continuously improved its vehicle design and production capabilities in line with the requirements of its users. FNSS’ KAPLAN class tracked armoured product family and PARS wheeled armoured vehicles are poised to shape new generation combat vehicle trends well into the 21st century.

FNSS designs and develops customized solutions to meet the requirements of each user. The key to FNSS’ success in delivering tailored products within requested time frames lies in its flexible approach to project management. This is complemented by its ability to orchestrate an extensive supply chain and a wide range of global partnerships.

FNSS has successfully engineered and supplied several products addressing unique requirements. These vehicles have been designed, manufactured and delivered to armies worldwide by FNSS' user-centric business models and tailored solutions.

FNSS products have been challenged by more than user endurance tests in the toughest conditions, and have proven themselves in combat missions. FNSS views user satisfaction as a permanent concept, and strives to ensure that its products serve beyond their life cycles by addressing any emerging needs throughout their use.

FNSS also makes a difference by generating significant value for its international users through localization packages that include employing local labour, establishing domestic supply chains, and providing in-country training and technology transfer. Building upon its over 30 years of heritage in the defence industry, FNSS continues to add value to its users by creating innovative solutions.


The SHADOW RIDER is a family of modular autonomous unmanned ground vehicles designed to meet the multi-operational needs of the modern battlefield and to support soldiers in complex and challenging terrains.

The SHADOW RIDER FoV, is a system solution that will reduce the soldier's burden on the battlefield and become a force multiplier for the user in full spectrum missions thanks to its artificial intelligence supported autonomy kit, decision support systems, sensor suit, positional and situational awareness systems.

The SHADOW RIDER FoV is equipped with the autonomy kit developed by FNSS which has autonomous driving modes such as patrol, track and return to military base, as well as various layers of protection for a safe ride. The FNSS autonomy kit features an open architecture design to enable rapid adaptation of technological developments.

In the armed variant of the SHADOW RIDER designed for fire support missions, the “man” is always in the loop in the decision-making process, and the fire decision is not made by the system. The SHADOW RIDER, which can be commanded remotely and has autonomous mobility, is an unmanned ground vehicle family that can meet all kinds of missions such as reconnaissance and surveillance, logistic support, tactical deception, fortified positions reconnaissance, communication relay, medical evacuation and most of all fire support, its design allowing integrating payloads suitable for those different tasks.


The PARS SCOUT 6x6 and 8x8 are the new members of the PARS vehicle family. These special purpose tactical wheeled vehicles provide high mobility in all terrain conditions and superior ballistic and mine protection and are equipped with modern technologies, providing strategic advantages to their users, including a high situational awareness. The PARS SCOUT 6x6 and 8x8 are designed especially for reconnaissance and internal security operations.

The PARS SCOUT 6x6 and 8x8 modern tactical wheeled armoured combat vehicles are designed to be used in low and high-intensity scenarios, offering strategic advantages to their user thanks to their unique features, and incorporate the most advanced technologies. Both vehicles have a power-to-weight ratio of 20 Hp/ton, and are powered by diesel engines.

Thanks to the engine layout and its balanced design, the vehicle’s axle loads are almost equal. This design approach provides the vehicle with the ability to move comfortably even on loose, soft and rough terrain while also providing maximum control at high-speed and short braking distances. The central tire inflation system (CTIS) allows the driver to adjust tire pressure to suit different terrains, and the hydro-pneumatic suspension system provides the best road holding and ride height for different road conditions.


The new generation KAPLAN MT is the sole and exclusive modern Medium Weight Tank designed with rear powerpack and not a conversion of a variant from an existing IFV.

Its unique design provides the lowest silhouette and highest power-to-weight ratio in its class. Its platform is designed for optimum weight and high mobility performance. The latest technology powerpack combined with advanced electronic controls and the heavy-duty suspension system allow maximum mobility in any battlefield condition. The Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) ensures the availability of continuous power with reduced signature during night operations where the vehicle operates mostly in static position.

The KAPLAN MT’s design architecture provides a superior level of battlefield survivability that includes advanced ballistic, best-in-class mine protection systems and adequate firepower, the latter ensuring near-real time response against most battlefield threats.


The PARS IV 6x6 Special Operation’s (S-Ops) Vehicle is designed to meet the tactical and operational requirements of military and internal security forces whose mission is «special».

It is able to operate in a wide range of terrains, climate types and is optimized for different operational requirements. It is highly versatile, reflecting the broad spectrum of potential missions and areas of operation.

The PARS IV 6x6 S-Ops Vehicle operates in all weather and all terrain conditions, day and night, including cross-country and urban areas. The vehicle has been specifically designed to carry special operations units to their mission objectives where multiple threats can be in place and provide fire support to the special operation teams in the field.

The vehicle’s weapon system is designed to engage multiple targets simultaneously from all directions including high grounds. Two remote controlled turrets are located at the front and rear of the vehicle.

The PARS IV 6x6 S-Ops Vehicle provides an unmatched optimum combination of the survivability of an MRAP and the tactical mobility of a wheeled armoured combat vehicle. The vehicle’s high level of ballistic, mine and IED protection along with the RPG net is designed to protect the crew and the powerpack against unconventional threats where the timing and intensity of the threat cannot be estimated. The high performance powerpack and ride-height adjustable independent, hydropneumatic suspension system provide unmatched tactical mobility to overcome difficult terrain and road conditions, as well as drive safety and comfort for the crew.

The vehicle is equipped with new generation mission equipment that ensures combat effectiveness, safer route planning, command/control and rapid targeting.

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