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Atatürk'ün Evi Ankara
Atatürk's House / Ankara

Established in Ankara in 1996 with the donations and in-kind contributions of the Carmıklı Family, Nurol Education Culture and Sports Foundation is proud of fulfilling its duties in the way of social and economic development of our country.

The purpose of establishing the Foundation is to enable Turkish Nation reach the level of contemporary civilization, and furthermore to go beyond it, and in the process of this development to ensure the development of our national culture by increasing its relationship with the past, and to make a contribution in the way of taking its rightful place at the international level.

Emine Saadet Çarmıklı İlköğretim Okulu
Emine Saadet Çarmıklı High School / İskenderun

The Foundation, mainly puts into application the scholarship program prepared by it in order to educate our youth from every level of education who are successful, yet lacking the means, and helps out on a regular basis for meeting their needs.

In addition to education, it produces projects which preserves, develops and promotes our country’s cultural, arts and historical values, and furthermore it builds culture and arts centers and makes available all of this for their use by the Turkish people. Nurol Foundation which dedicated to its nation schools, libraries, classrooms, movie theatres, playhouses, congress and education centers built at different regions around the country, brings together the works of our re-known artists and the art lovers at Nurol Art Gallery it opened in Ankara in 2002.

Nurol Sanat Galerisi
Nurol Art Gallery

The management at the Foundation which displays an utmost care for enabling the youth to have interest in arts through chats, concerts, workshop works, still uses the money generated at the gallery for the student scholarship fund. While maintaining its contributions in many branches of arts like ballet, movie theatres, and paintings, Nurol Foundation puts a lot of emphasis on making known Turkey’s name abroad and pays careful attention to come up with projects in this regard in the countries it operates. In line with its founding goals, Nurol Education Culture and Sports Foundation will continue to do everything expected of it in the way of spreading its works to a wider audience, and to produce social and education oriented projects, and furthermore to sponsor socially beneficial functions.

Göle Eyüp Sabri Çarmıklı Lisesi
Eyüp Sabri Çarmıklı High School / Ardahan – Göle

Uygarlık Türküsü
The Ballad of Civilization