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Atatürk'ün Evi Ankara
Atatürk's House / Ankara

Since the very first day of its establishment Nurol, not only undertakes a significant role for the development of our country through investments but also generates projects and makes the necessary contributions to the relevant institutions beneficial for the social improvement with a high opinion of social and common benefits.

With the aim of gathering all the social responsibility services under a single roof in order to run the projects in a more institutional manner, Nurol Education, Culture and Sports Foundation has been established in 1996.

The foundation has intensified its activities on education primarily, but also arts and culture aiming to provide a sustainable benefit. Within this context, scholarships for successful yet financially limited students at every level of education are being provided. Also, the school success of these students are being observed regularly and thus the essential support is being given for raising the executives, entrepreneurs, artists and scientists of the future.



Emine Saadet Çarmıklı İlköğretim Okulu
Emine Saadet Çarmıklı High School / İskenderun

Throughout Turkey, there are many schools constructed and then donated to the relevant institutions by Nurol Foundation as well as libraries, education and congress halls, cultural premises like movies and theatres.

Besides education, Nurol Foundation has taken part in projects aiming to the protection, promotion and improvement of the cultural and historical heritage of our country and has been active in several fields aiming to support those kind of works.

Established by a capital provided from the real estates donated by Nurettin Çarmıklı, Erol Çarmıklı and Mehmet Oğuz Çarmıklı alongside the cash donations, Nurol Foundation follows its activities with both the income of its entities and also with the financial support of Nurol Group of Companies. The foundation is managed by the Board of Trustees and the decisions are being taken by the Board of Management consisting of 5 members, to be then implemented after the approvement process in line with the corporation charter.



Nurol Sanat Galerisi
Nurol Art Gallery

Nurol Education, Culture and Sports Foundation has provided financial support for the preparation of the books and films intending to protect, promote and improve our national values and act as a mediator for these to be conveyed widely to large masses of people.

With the continuous support of Nurol Holding, the Ottoman history researcher, author and musicologist Emre Aracı represents our country successfully either with his albums or the concerts he gives all around the world.

Nurol Foundation has established Nurol Art Gallery in 1992 so as to provide a platform for universal arts to meet in Ankara. Herein, the valuable Works of unique artists are being exhibited as well as opportunities are being created for young talents to introduce themselves. The works exhibited in Ankara are later on offered to the art lovers in our Art Gallery located in Bodrum OASIS. Also, in the Gallery various cultural studies, signature days and panels are occasionally organized.

Göle Eyüp Sabri Çarmıklı Lisesi
Eyüp Sabri Çarmıklı High School / Ardahan – Göle

Uygarlık Türküsü
The Ballad of Civilization