Club Salima, a 5 stars Holiday Village with an accommodation of 411 rooms, is located on the Kemer - Beldibi shoreline in the city of Antalya. The club was acquired by the Nurol Group from Vakıfbank in 1994. Our facilities are composed of 279 Standard Rooms, 41 Family Rooms, 70 Family Suites, 14 Junior Suites and 7 Villas.

In 1997, TUROB (Turkish Hotels Union) awarded the “Golden Key” to Club Salima. Club Salima has taken its rightful place among the most respected establishments of our country. Club Salima offers the following facilities: Turkish bath-sauna, fitness centre, billiards and table tennis, amphitheatre, disco, shopping centre, pool bar, Mediterraneo Beach bar, café house (with a library and TV hall) a 1.100 - seat restaurant, Cavaliere Seafood A la Carte Restaurant and a congress hall for 400 pax.

Club Salima has a highly diversified client portfolio, primarily from the Italian, French, German, Swedish, Russian and Turkish markets, upholding the principle of providing top quality services in every aspect of the hospitality business.

Club Salima is updating the look and functionality of its facilities in line with the developing tourism sector to improve continuously customer satisfaction in 2017 as with previous seasons. The main restaurant and the main kitchen were renovated as a meal offering area and equipped with air-conditioners. Meal offering kiosks were rejuvenated and the number of A La Minute cooking sections was increased.

The area that was used as a disco in previous years was converted into Snack Restaurant, which will serve between 11.00 and 16.00. Also, 52 Family Suits were renovated for accommodation purposes.

For the 2017 season, the company has increased the number of market countries with additional reservation agreements and aims to gain market share in the growing advertisement and exhibitions.

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Address: Göynük Mah. Başkomutan Atatürk Cad. 147-1/1 07981 Kemer/ANTALYA/TURKEY