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Foundation 1989 Employees 45
General Manager Hasan YÜCEL Operating Manager Hikmet KÜÇÜK
Address Karum İş Merkezi D Blok No:401 Kavaklıdere / Ankara / TURKEY
Addrese Büyükdere Cad. No:257 Kat:19 Maslak / İstanbul / TURKEY
Phone +90312 455 14 62
Phone +90212 285 00 85
Fax +90312 455 14 61
Fax +90212 285 00 75
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Mining Group

TUMAD Mining Industry and Trade Co. Inc. is a mining group that has precious and base metal projects and exploration. The strategy of TUMAD Mining is to make advanced exploration over potential mining sites and launching economically large scaled mining projects. In this sense, the company is holding many licence of exploration.

Workouts have been started according to the results of the exploration held in the region of West Anatolia and Blacksea. It has been reached at a particular level in the West Anatolia and Blacksea Region sites and geological surveys are still in progress. While gold mine exploration is active on the West Anatolia and Biga Peninsula, several projects are being directed in the Blacksea Region in means of Gold-Silver-Copper-Lead and Zinc.

Sand Quarry

TUMAD Mining Industry and Trade Co. manufactures aggregate, main raw material of construction. It also prides itself at being the best in production and quality in the area. It provides services from one end of Istanbul to the other.

TUMAD has proved to be a brand as a result of of the modernization it did since its establishment, and a leader in the market as a result of both certification and quality. With its entire large concrete plants, it possesses the largest portfolio in the area.

It is the only business in the area holding CE certificate. Our facilities which have the capacity of manufacturing 2,500 tons of materials daily if wanted, manufactures five different materials.

Requirements regarding work safety and the environment are permanently kept in check. Work fields under construction are delivered after being made suitable for work.
Certificates held by our company:

  • TSE Brand Registration Certificate
  • CE Quality Certificate
  • Industry Registration Certificate
  • Tümad Brand Certificate