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Foundation 1966 Phone
0090212 286 80 10
Employees 9.000 Fax 0090212 286 80 11
General Manager Nurettin AKDENİZ
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Büyükdere Caddesi, Nurol Plaza No: 257 Kat:19 34450 Maslak, Sarıyer / İSTANBUL - TURKEY


NUROL Construction Co. have been established as the first and pioneering company of NUROL Group of Companies in 1966 and is active in the international markets for the last thirty years as well. The activities abroad which was started through the works undertaken in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia back in 80’s, have been expanded through the Russian Federation and CIS countries established after the fall of Soviet Union in the early 90’s. With the 2000’s Middle East and North Africa was included within the interest area once more. During this period, the domestic activities were also progressed and major industrial complexes and infrastructure investments of Turkey have been added to references.

As per 2014, the activity range of NUROL Construction Co., being the flagship of NUROL Holding Group of Companies including more than 40 companies active in different sectors from construction and trade, machinery and defence to baking and finance, hotel management and tourism, includes 15 countries over a wide geography from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Qatar to Georgia, Poland, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Being included in the World’s Biggest International Contractors List issued by the “Engineering News Record” of Mc Graw Hill (USA), the activity areas of NUROL Construction Co., include infrastructural projects, highways, motorways, railroad and metro systems, tunnels, gas/oil pipelines and auxiliary facilities, irrigation/drainage systems, dams and hydroelectric power plants, water supply and sewerage networks, urban/industrial treatment plants and solid waste facilities, turnkey manufacturing facilities and industrial complex projects, industrial districts, business and commercial centre projects, luxury/mass housing and social centre projects, hotel, holiday resort and tourism facility projects, as per the reference project portfolio.

The trend reached with this successful background is also proceeding throughout the current projects in Turkey and abroad.

GCC countries and particularly UAE is keeping its position as a major focal point for NUROL Construction Co. activities.

Among our projects in Abu Dhabi, the realization rate of Bab Al Qasr Hotel and Residences Project reached 75%. With its office, residential and social facility sections, the complex formed of twin towers of 41 floors will have 155.000 m2 closed area. This project is foresighted to be completed in 2015.

On the other hand, in our Marina City Villas and Sadiyat Island Museum District Service Tunnel projects being contracted to NUROL Construction Co. as results of the tenders won recently, mobilisation and early work realization stages are executed. In the scope of Marina City Villas Project, various types of villas and residences with a total closed area of 120.000 m2 will be constructed whereas, in Sadiyat Island Museum District Service Tunnel Project, a highway tunnel of 1.5 km long will be constructed under design-build contract.

In Algeria, besides Douera Dam Project that is reaching completion, in Souk Tlata and Bouhroufa Dam projects which are undertaken recently, mobilisation and early works are in progress. Both dams will have earth fill with clay core type dam bodies with volumes of 1,5 million m3 in Souk Tlata Dam and 4,3 million m3 in Boukhroufa Dam.

As our final project in Algeria, the Connection Highway between the Tzi Ouzou City and the East-West Motorway is undertaken in March 2014. This project is comprised of turnkey realization of 48 km long motorway section including a total length of 2x2,7 km tunnel, 2x10 km viaduct and bridge structures and is planned to be completed in April 2017.

In Libya our activities has been suspended due to the current political situation. Our efforts for re-starting of our realization works for our projects namely Algarabolli-Misuratah Highway Rehabilitation Project including reconstruction of 160 km long dual highway, Al Fateh University (Tripoli) Economy and Law Faculties Project, Physical Education Faculty Project and Campus B Infrastructure Works Project are currently in progress.

In Morocco, our Al Jadida-Safi Motorway Lots 3 and 4 projects including a total of 82 km long highway are in progress.

In Georgia our activities are in progress through the works carried out by our sister company NUROL Machinery Inc. Steel Division.

Our first contract in Iraq namely the Al Sadr City Stadium in Baghdad is in progress and includes turnkey realization of 30,000 seat capacity stadium, training fields and auxiliary facilities. Furthermore, our works under the scope of Silo and Warehouses Complex Project in Sulaymaniyah are reaching completion as of the summer of 2014. Within the scope of this project, a silo complex of 80.000 ton capacity and a warehouse complex of 12 units are being realized under design-build contract.

Our business development activities for expanding the range of our activities abroad forming the majority of our work volume are also progressing. In addition to our works to expand our activities in GCC countries particularly the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, our works in the Sub-Saharan Africa is developing. Within the framework of the preliminary agreements and letters of intents we are looking forward to reach the execution contract signing stage in mid-2014.

In 2013, in addition to our works abroad, serious progress have been reached in our activities in Turkey as well.

MARMARAY Bosphorus Immersed Tube Tunnel Crossing for Rail Project being one of the major infrastructure investments of Turkey and have been executed by the Turkish-Japanese Joint Venture where NUROL is among the Turkish partners, has entered into service in October 2013.

The realization rate of Ilısu Dam and HEPP Project, being realized by the international consortium under the leadership of NUROL Construction Co. and which will have CFRD type body with a volume of 25 million m3 and a power plant of 1.200 MW capacity (to produce 4 billion kWh of power), has passed a level of 70%. Furthermore, the construction Works of Hasankeyf Group Bridge Crossings Project that has been undertaken as a result of the tender won recently is currently in progress as well. Within the scope of this project, four bridge crossings of 4, 11, 16 and 2 spans will be realized.

In the Gebze-Izmir Motorway (Izmit Bay Suspension Bridge Crossing included) BOT Project being the biggest scale infrastructure investment of Turkey realized under BOT scheme, the civil works have been initiated in both the suspension bridge section and the major engineering structures on the route. Within the project scope 425 km long motorway section and Izmit Bay Suspension Bridge having 1.500 m long mid-span will be realized whereas the South approach viaduct of the suspension bridge that will include 35.000 tons of steel structure manufacturing and erection, is also being realized solely by NUROL Construction Co. through the joint venture established with our sister company NUROL Machinery Inc. Steel Division.

The work execution of our Ordu Peripheral Highway Project is also progressing under the contract signed in January 2012.

The highway will have a length of 19,1 km’s and will have 2 double tube tunnels with a total length of 5,3 (x2) km and 3 viaducts of total 2 km length, 5 bridge crossings, 2 underpasses and 3 flyovers.

In NUROL Tower Project comprised of the multipurpose complex realized on the project land purchased by our Group as a result of the tender won is planned to be completed in 2015. The project realized over a land of 6.800 m2 will have a closed area of 70.500 m2.

Again the civil works of our NUROL Life and NUROL Park projects both being realized as our Group investments, are in progress. NUROL Life Project includes turnkey realization of a multipurpose complex of 115.000 m2 closed area whereas NUROL Park Project includes nine blocks of 270.000 m2 closed area.

With its works as briefed above, NUROL Construction and Trading Co. Inc., is carrying the pride of its history full of success to the future with confident steps and without losing its dynamic sprit kept since its first day of activity.