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Foundation 1966   Phone
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General Manager Ali GÜMRÜKÇÜOĞLU
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Buğday Sokak No: 9 Kavaklıdere 06700, ANKARA - TURKEY


NUROL Construction Co. which was founded in Ankara in 1966 as the first and the pioneering company of NUROL Group, has carried its activities to the international arena in its 15th year of activity. The focus of interest which was mainly oil producing Arabic countries, in particular Saudi Arabia, in the 80s shifted to CIS countries and Russian Federation founded after the Soviet Union dissolved in the 90s. In 2000s, the Middle East and North Africa were once more included among the areas of interest. In that period, domestic activities were maintained at full speed, and many projects were added to the references within the framework of the prominent industrial complexes and infrastructural investments of Turkey.

By 2013, the field of activity of NUROL Construction Co., which is the flagship of NUROL Group which has more than 40 subsidiaries and joint ventures engaged in various areas from construction, trading and energy production to machinery and defence industry, from banking and finance to hotel/tourism management, covers fourteen countries dispersed over a geography from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Algeria and Qatar to Georgia, Poland, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Fields of activity of NUROL Construction Co. in the context of reference project portfolio which is included in the list of World's Biggest International Contractors issued by “Engineering News Record” ( of Mc Graw Hill (USA), cover infrastructural projects (motorways, highways, railways and metro systems, tunnels, gas/oil pipelines and auxiliary plants, irrigation/ drainage systems, dams and hydroelectric power plants, water supply and waste water systems, urban/industrial treatment plants and solid waste facilities), turnkey manufacturing facilities and industrial complex projects; industrial district sites, business and commercial centre projects; luxury/mass housing and community centre projects; hotel, holiday village and tourism facility projects.

The succesful graphic reached as a result of the background gained as briefed above, has also been carried to today through on going domestic and international projects worldwide.

Gulf Region, particularly the UAE, is still a main focus of interest for NUROL Construction Co..

Our Bab Al Qasr Hotel and Multipurpose Complex Project in Abu Dhabi has reached to 60% realization rate. The complex comprising offices, luxury houses and social facilities consists of 41-storey twin towers, and the overall area of construction will cover 155.000 m2. The Project is planned to be completed in 2014.

In terms of the contracts won in 2012, our construction works continue in Al Shohub Private School Complex and West Mangrove Beach Planning and Infrastructure works projects in Abu Dhabi.

In Dubai, the works of the Jumeirah Triangle Zone 1 and Jumeirah Village North Section Infrastructure Works Projects have been progressing in accordance with the Schedule determined by the client.

Jumeirah Triangle Zone 1 Project includes the turnkey realization of 856 villas, and the Jumeirah Village North Project includes the realization of all infrastructure works in a 400 ha area where 2.760 villas are to be constructed.

In Algeria, the Douera Dam Project is reaching completion as of the beginning of 2013. In addition, as a result of the tender won, contract for Souk Tlata Dam is signed and the project is proceeding towards the mobilization stage.

Due to the crisis conditions faced in Libya, our current projects have been suspended. The Coastal Highway Algarabolli-Misuratah Section Project including the rehabilitation of 160 km dual highway, Al Fateh University School of Economics and Law Buildings Project, Al Fateh University Physical Education Faculty Construction Project, and Al Fateh University Campus B Infrastructure Works Project in Tripoli are among our projects in the country by the end of 2010.

Construction contract was signed in July 2012 for Packages 3 and 4 of Al Jadida-Safi Highway in Morocco which has been included among our fields of activity lately. The Project providing for the construction of 82 km long motorway in highway standards will be executed on a turnkey basis.

Our works in Georgia have been in progress through the activities of NUROL Machinery Steel Division, our affiliated company.

Sadr City Stadium Complex Project which is our first undertaking in Iraq comprises of a stadium with the capacity of 30.000 spectators, training fields with 2.500 seats and hotel facilities to be executed on a turnkey basis, including the design.

Also, we undertook a project comprising a silo complex with the capacity of 80.000 tonnes and 12 warehouses in Sulaymaniyah in the last months of 2012.

Meanwhile our business development activities have also been progressing for the expansion of our activity range abroad. While we have activated our subsidiary which was founded as Riyadh based in order to re-include Saudi Arabia in our field of activity, we have started to work on business development particularly in Sub Saharan Africa.

In addition to our works conducted abroad, major progress was made on projects in Turkey in 2012.

The MARMARAY Bosphorus Immersed Tube Tunnel Crossing for Metro Project, which is one of the most important infrastructure projects in Turkey and implemented within the scope of Turkish-Japanese Joint Venture in which NUROL Construction Co. participates as local partner has reached a realization rate of 90%. Within the scope of this project, works for tunnelling and placing immersed tubes have been completed, and track laying and electromechanical works have been in progress.

Ilısu Dam and HEPP Project which is executed by the international consortium led by NUROL Construction Co. and being constructed as concrete-covered with a dam body volume of 25 million m3 and will produce 3,83 GWH power annually with the capacity of 1.200 MW has been completed by more than 65%.

Moreover, construction works have been initiated in both suspension bridge section and main engineering structures section of Gebze-Izmir Highway (including Izmit Bay Suspension Bridge) Project which is the largest Build-Operate-Transfer modelled investment in Turkey. South approach viaduct of the suspension bridge which includes the manufacturing of 35.000 tonnes of steel will be constructed by NUROL Machinery Steel Division, our affiliated company, in the project which provides for the construction of 425 km long highway and Izmit Bay Suspension Bridge which is going to be the second largest mid span suspension bridge worldwide.

NUROL Tower Çağlayan Business Complex Project which has been executed on the land purchased by our Group in Istanbul has been completed by 20%. This multi-floor complex which will cover a total of 70.500 m2 indoor area on a Project area of 6.800 m2 is planned to be completed in 2014.

Moreover, design and mobilization works have been initiated in Cendere multipurpose complex project as an investment by NUROL Group in Istanbul and this project is projected to be brought to the construction stage by 2013. This multi-floor complex project which will cover a total of 115.000 m2 indoor area will be executed on turnkey basis.

4th phase, which includes 182 apartments, of Bahçeşehir MN Houses Project which is executed by NUROL as a joint investment and comprises 1.500 apartments has been completed and necessary works have been initiated for the 5th phase.

Finally, construction works have been initiated in Ordu Peripheral Highway Project for which the construction contract was signed at the end of January 2012. There are 5,3 km long 2 double tunnels, 2,0 km long 3 viaducts, 5 bridges, 2 underpasses and 3 flyovers on 19,1 km long Ordu Highway.

NUROL Construction and Trading Co. Inc. carries towards the future the justified pride of successful background regarding the works mentioned above shortly through young and dynamic spirit which it has never lost since the first day of activity.